Swami Ram Swarupji conducted Yajyen today from Ved Mantras. It is a part of a Yajyen continuing for several days. In his divine speech, he shared:

Everything gets known through Vedas. Then everyone gets anniversaries like 25th, 50th, 100th and 125th. In everyone’s life, the anniversaries may keep coming.

We have come to search for God. God gives all the knowledge through Vedas. The target of long life should be clear. Our target is to get knowledge about God and his creation, and we should be in merriment and also keep others in merriment. Everyone should have a feeling for benefitting others.

To eat and drink is the same as of animals. People come late at night from work. They are tired. They just eat and sleep. This life is like that of animals. The life in which havan and Yajyen happen everyday and the progress in search of God, and of materialism happen – both progresses will give pleasure otherwise the sole pursuit of materialism will give sorrows.

We should be making an effort to progress in both spiritualism and materialism. We should know the duties as per Vedas. We should listen Vedas. If we do not know the purpose of human life then we are going to the wrong path. People rarely know that what the human life is for. It is to progress both spiritually and materialistically. People have left spiritualism, and they just focus on materialism, and God has also left them to get sorrows.

In this yug, take much as (Vedic) knowledge you can hear, it makes your good fortune. The fortune is also made by devotion (bhakti), service (seva), donation (daan), etc.

There are only two yonis – devyoni and pitryoni. The path that is beneficial is devyaan marg. You should become Devta and Devi. The one who knows Vedas is Vidvaan. No one else. You should know padarth vidya (knowledge of matter) – how to use each thing that is given by God. Progress both in spiritual and materialistic path. Or we will enter bad yonis (like of animals). God takes away this human body.

In Yajurved Chapter 40th, Asambhuti and Sambhuti have a different meaning which the knowlegeable tell us. Those who cannot understand this get immersed in illusion.

After being caught in materialism, people get stuck in the cycles of birth, death, old age, diseases, etc.

We have to hear from the knowledgeable of Vedas. You should not enter in doubt. Vedas are the voice of God. It is not by humans. God has given this path. There is no doubt. There is immense pleasure in this path. If you do sins then you need to bear. The sins done after realisation also have to be borne. You should not worry about anything. You should keep following the Vedic path, if you need to realise.

I have explained again and again about vidya and avidya. It is my duty to explain and it is yours to understand. There are four types of avidya. If someone gets immersed in them, they will enter darkness. You should be afraid of avidya.

It is the great blessing of God that 40th adhyaye has become easier for you to read. Many have not yet had the blessings to grasp the complete meaning. You should learn at least one meaning and you should keep remembering throughout your life. It gives away its secrets for those who make an effort and get up at 4:00am. God says in a mantra that I become His friend. If God becomes your friend then what is the deficiency? It is like love between Sri Krishna and Sudama. If we love God, who has no body, who has no shape, etc. He has unlimited qualities, described by Vedas. If you remember the qualities and for 24 hours you remember His qualities then you become liberated. He keeps you forever with Him.

You should remember the meaning of mantras. If you do not remember then you should write to me directly. I will answer promptly. I am giving short replies these days. You can write again and again. I will explain in detail. It is my duty to explain. My duty is not to avoid. You can ask your questions at www.vedmandir.com or write directly. You don’t need to ask questions for the sake of it but only those you cannot get answers to. If our children become knowlegeble then you will make your Guru and parents famous. You should follow the true path and leave sins.

To listen Vedas is tapah (Shrutam Tapah). Those who listen again and again, Vedas call them Bahushrutaah. People shouldn’t say that we got a chance suddenly. It is not applicable for Ved Vidya. In Ved Vidya you need to devote time with an effort. Then it will give you pleasure. To listen under compulsion is of less benefit.

You should take advantage of staying home under the restrictions of coronavirus. You should listen Vedas and read Vedic books.

31st Adhyaye of Yajurved is being explained.

Vedas explain that from God Viraat originated. It means the creation was made. Who has made this world? It is God that stays in every bit (Adhisthata – the one that creates). God has made this. The creator is complete God. He is there from before.

In Upanishads, the rishis have mentioned as Viraat Purush but 31st Adhyaye just says Viraat. His two eyes are like sun and the moon. The stomach is like the space and feet are like the earth. It is being explained as a figure of speech (alankaar). Purush is not a man.

Jatah – originated. Purah – He is there from before.

He stays away from the world even if He is there. He creates the earth. Prakriti is jad (non-alive). The entire creation (including star, sun, etc.) is called Viraat as alankaar. It is Brahmand. It has been created by God. It is more important than to eat, drink, sleep, etc. If you have attention towards this (Vedas) then God gives. You make a small effort and He will give great results. The main thing is spiritualism.

The God is different from this. He creates the world. He originates the earth.

In the 31/6 of Yajurveda, God is explaining: Oh humans! Worshippable by everyone.. we can’t make His food, temple, etc. God. Sarvhutah – eligible to be accepted (Grahan Karne Yogya). You should worship this God. You shouldn’t do fights for no reason. It is a matter of great sorrow that people shed blood of others. Rishis have given the message of ahinsa. Yajyaat means from worshippable God.

People must serve Rishi for a few days, especially at an older age. Then it enhances the Rishi’s life.

Many disciples have come in dev yoni by following Vedas.

People who do not know about shriti vidya and have put the people on the wrong path. When God created the earth, He made eatable things (like curd – it will stay same in each creation). Earlier there were more forests when more Yajyen would happen. Earlier there were many more forests. He created many animals staying in forests. He made gramayah (villages). He created animals that stay in villages – cow, cockroach, lizard, dogs, etc. that stay in villages. He created animals that have qualities like air – those who take away life.

God has even names of all kinds of pulses. If the knowledge is not given then you won’t get it. You have got knowledge. You can buy Vedas from the market and you can read. If you do not understand then you can ask questions. If you do not do that you may lose out. If you do not serve then there won’t be long life. If you do not ask questions then you will not get knowledge.

If God had not given the knowledge first in Vedas then how would the big Chefs know how to cook? It is not possible that God hasn’t given knowledge and someone has come to know. In the same matter there is a conflict between spiritualism and materialism. God says that you do not listen to my Vedas and keep putting blame on me.

God has given knowledge of everything – food, clothes, etc. With the power of God everything originated. It means that His power creates it from prakriti. We should worship the same God. The one who does not get destroyed, who is worshippable, who has given knowledge, etc. The information that is shared by buddhi (intellect) is destroyable. Creation and destruction is a normal endless process. Humans are saying incorrectly and it is destroyable.

From the same God (Yajyat – worshippable God), Sarvhutah (sabse grahan karne vale – eligible to be accepted). From the same God, Rigved, Samved, Atharvaved and Yajurved originated. It will be explained in greater detail in April 19, 2020 Yajyen.

2/23 mantra is saying that you have left me and I have left you to get sorrows.