Swami Ram Swarupji today conducted weekly Yajyen at Ved Mandir, which is performed on every Sunday. In his divine preach, he shared:

God is saying that you shouldn’t take meat. People have made their own selfish path that eating non-vegetarian is right. They have kept it on their own. It does not change the rules of God that He will punish. After Mahabharat, the rules of God have been left. We should listen His instructions for peace and pleasure that have been described in Vedas. If you do not follow the orders of your father then you do not regard him as anything. If we do not follow the rules of God then we do not regard Him or Guru as anything. We regard ourselves as superior. We do not know that it is a sin.

The reason in increase in coronavirus is that there are more people who are kaami (lustful), krodhi (hot-tempered), jalne sadne vaale (full of jealous and hatred). The situation has become such that God had to bring coronavirus. For selfishness, people have started spreading coronavirus to destroy other people. God is seeing this and humans are too. Both government and God are seeing. They will get punished. We should follow Vedic path and have control over our sense organs then we will get peace and pleasure by restraint (saiyam).

It is essential to get blessings in Yajyen. If Yajyen will happen then age will automatically increase. Yajyen is the reservoir of unlimited pleasures. Agnihotra is also a reservoir of many pleasures but Yajyen has unlimited pleasures. You should invite Vidvaan to do Yajyen for the benefit of the country and the world.

The challenge that our country faces that from most homes have left Vedas. Hence every house is full of problems.

Valmiki Ramayan has said that at that time there was ‘Nah Niragni’ – There was no house where Agnihotra or Yajyen would not happen. There was no person who wouldn’t do havan or Yajyen. There were no kaam, krodhi, lobhi, laalchi. He has written extensively. There was no poor person or someone with less wealth. There are many poor people now who commit suicide without food.

For every karya, there is a karan – there is always a reason behind a deed. If someone has a house, and is building a new one, then perhaps he wants to rent the other out. Right now the whole world is in a problem. Not from today but for a long time. The reason is that the sun of Vedas has set and the darkness of false knowledge is here. People live in darkness everytime. They follow their own path. Vedas are the knowledge that has come from God. There is a difference of sky and the earth in the knowledge of God and man. Pleasure is given by God only. Humans give temporary pleasure. If someone dies then people cry that he will not give us pleasure. Pleasure is in Vedas and God. If we lose both then people just cry.

Billionares are sad but they will dress-up nicely and show that there is no one happier than us. They have forgotten Vedas. See from the eyes of the knowledgeable of Vedas – people do not believe in God and they believe in what is not God, hence they are sad.

You should refresh the meaning of this mantra Yajurved 40/8:

God is saying that I am everywhere. Humans are saying that we worship You here, You sit here. This place is pure. God is saying that consider every place pure. He is everywhere. Do not spread impurity. He does not move. He is omnipresent. He is all powerful. He has unlimited powers. He does not need anyone’s help. To kill someone, He does not need help of a human body or a weapon. He has unlimited powers. No one can puncture holes in Him. He does not have a nervous system. This is God. The god that people make has different qualities. God does not a body. He is always pure. He is away from sins. He does not take birth. He does not get caught in good deeds and sins since He doesn’t do sins. He is Kantdarshi (Kavi) – He has seen each moment and He knows it. He knows everyone’s mind. He punishes sinners. If the judge and lawyers of the earth are unable to give justice, He doesn’t leave. He will not stop without giving punishment. We do not know His rules and we are not scared of Him. If we do not follow Vedic path and do not have good qualities, they do not have respect. After they die, they go to bad yonis. You should get up from the sleep of bad deeds. If you do not get up then God will punish. If you do not leave vices and exercise restraint then God will punish.

God says that No one has made me and nothing is made from me. I have not made the creation, bodies, sun, moon, etc. I am Nimit Upadaan Karak. My power acted in prakriti and all this is made from the parmanus of prakriti. My little power, after pralay, acted in dead prakriti and there was light, and the creation started. Upadan Karan is Prakriti. God is formless and the thing are not made by Him.

You have to work hard and to listen and understand this. God is Swayam Bhu – His stature is on His own. From unlimited time, He has given the knowledge of Vedas. It has not come from a Rishi Muni. Whomsoever follows it..

Who can make Him? He is on His own. How can anyone make Him? God will make them suffer. Go anywhere, people are just moaning in pain. Whomsover is against Vedas, they are crying in pain. Even then they don’t say since they are gaining commercially.

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