Swami Ram Swarupji conducted Yajyen with the preach of four Ved mantras. These were in response to a question asked. His preach is, as follows:

This knowledge is essential. I have taken time to explain Ved mantras. God says that there is knowledge of Vedas. It is for the benefit of the world. They destroy the sorrows, etc. those who have these qualities – it has been instructed to follow their preach.

Subject of these mantras is that who is our friend and who is our enemy. On this topic are these three mantras.

Those who are knowledgeable and are updeshak (preachers) and those who know Vedas and shastras. We should go to them and ask questions properly. How to learn this knowledge and how to get this knowledge? We should do Naman (bow to them).

Like how the knowledgeable gives the knowledge and you learn. You should ask that how to give this knowledge to the others? Should we give or not give? Those who are given this knowledge should have control over their sense organs and they should be dharmik (follow their duties).

Those who do not serve mother, father, Rishi, etc. and the one who doesn’t pay attention to brahamcharya then they shouldn’t be given Vedic knowledge. I have explained before but this is not my Acharan (practice). I give this knowledge to even undeserving and I bear the results of this mistake.

The person should have control over kaam, krodh, (desires, anger..)  etc. – either these vices are completely destroyed or they are controlling them. Those who keep saying anything (talk loosely) they shouldn’t be given knowledge or to make them to listen to Vedas.

Earlier 8 year old would go to ashram. Their desires, anger, etc. won’t be so strong and acharya would destroy these vices. Even when they would be leaving the ashram after completion of their education they would be taught to speak the truth, follow dharma, etc. (Satyam vad, dharmam char, acharyaye priyadhanam aarihit, matri devoh bhav pitriye devoh bhav Acharya devo bhav, etc. – Speak the truth, follow dharm, for Acharya bring loving wealth – as per your capability, it shouldn’t give you any discomfort to give, mother father and Acharya are Dev, etc.)

Dharamacharan is to do your duties as per Vedas. People forget after listening because they are not taking knowledge since childhood and not following brahmcharya and dharamacharan. People are not able to remember. They are focused on materialistic things. You should be able to recite full or at least half of what you hear.

Someone who has come to learn they should remember. Those who don’t remember they get the benefit of listen but it will not be in acharan. The stage of Rishi is very high.

The one who goes may explain to one who is new. Before studying do Naman (bow down) to the Acharya. Do their vandana (prayer). Do namaskar before listen to Vedas and start of Yajyen.

Those with good vritti get the knowledge of Vedas like that you also may get it. People do not know the importance of it. It is and insult that you don’t listen and you don’t take notes.

You don’t know that you are becoming vidvaan and vidushi (knowledgeable of Vedas), and you make people knowledgeable.

The third mantra is also of Guru. This knowledge is like someone prevents a blind person from falling in a well. Vidvaan may prevent those with Avidya (false knowledge) from going to Adharam (doing the deeds that have been forbidden in Vedas). We should do their Satkaar (dignify them).

The fourth mantra also has praise of Rishi. The one who has sorrows, aspires for sins and gets sorrows. They do a variety of sins. Third is the one who doesn’t donate. They do bad deeds.

Oh knowledgeable of Vedas! (Agni – one who have light of God) take them away.

The Rishi who does deep introspection of Vedas – if we do deep study of Vedas and someone who aspires for bad deeds and thoughts, and he finds faults in us, Oh God remove their bodies from us! These days we all should be careful.

People can say anything to us against Vedas. Those who themselves are sad, sinners, criminals, etc. God remove them from us. Our thoughts should be good.

The one who does deep thoughts of Vedas for you again and again. The one who has become a Muni and realised God (Punahmantrahguru). God does not leave any doubt in Vedas. He has described the qualities of Guru that he should be punah (again and again), mantrah (does a deep study of mantras in meditation after realising God). He will give the preach that who to stay away from.

Those who give bad advice and teach bad things, they should be done renounced (tyaag). Those who preach against Vedas and preach wrong things, they should be renounced (tyaag). So called sant, tantriks, etc. also belong to this category.

Those who do manan again and again. Not that those who read once. They give the true knowledge of Vedas. They should be accepted. The others should be get rid of.