By Swami Ram Swarup Ji

Every country has its own constitution to govern the people. Similarly, the unchangeable Lord of universe i.e. Almighty God, in the beginning of every creation makes a constitution to govern all the human-beings, in the shape of FOUR VEDAS. In the previous yugas, people followed Vedas and in return maintained peace and prosperity, all over the earth. Therefore to destroy the illusion, sorrows etc. and to maintain peace and brotherhood, all the human-beings should follow Vedas.

The world and all the bodies of the living beings are destructible whereas God and Vedas, both are immortal, unchangeable and unchallengeable. Since God creates the universe and nurses us, that is why He is called our father.

God is impartial. So, His constitution i.e. four Vedas are equally applicable to all human-beings where as constitution of every country and the sects made by us are not impartial because every sect has its own rules and regulations which are applicable to the respective sects and not to all human/living beings.

For example- one sect allows intake of non-vegetarian food but the other prohibits etc.

But as far as Vedas are concerned, they prohibit non-vegetarian food and all kinds of addiction etc. equally for all human-beings. Here in short, we therefore, pay our attention towards few preachings of vedas, applicable to and beneficial for all human-beings. Atharvaved mantras 9/7/19,20 preach that Vedas give us knowledge of innumerable worldly matters like sun, moon, air, earth, health, weaslth, all types of science like atomic energy, medical science etc. so that human-body can make its use to live a long, happy life. Mantra further inspires and educates us that still the main motto of the four Vedas is to follow and obey its preach to realise God.

Vedas clarify that in the absence of worship and realization of God nobody can attain peace and long, happy life.

So, the human body is mainly meant for worshipping God, while discharging all moral duties towards family, society, human-beings and nation [Yajurved mantra 40/2 refers].

Atharvaved mantra 10/8/43 also preaches us to know about our body that it is made of prakriti’s three gunnas i.e. Satva, Rajas and Tamas; has (Navdwarum) nine outlets- two eyes, two ears, one mouth, two nostrils, two organs of excretion. Mantra further preaches us that human-body is “Pundareekum” i.e., the body is the means for the fulfillment of the object of attaining salvation by doing pious deeds according to vedas.
Based on vedas, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj has also stated in Bhagwad Geeta shloka13/2 that the knowledge ends where an aspirant has known his human body and through human body has realized God. What an astonishing fact about God is being preached in the above Atharvaved mantra that God Resides within the human body.

The said fact is also mentioned in Rigved mantra1/164/20 that within the human body two alive matters reside together -one is soul and second is Almighty God. Almighty God lives within soul preaching us that soul, God and human body, these three matters are completely separate from each other. Therefore, neither soul nor universe is God, rather God resides within them.

Here let us learn from Rigved mantra 1/164/32 and 10/135/1,2 that the soul who faces the result of previous lives’ deeds and does deeds to survive only, is ignorant of God and himself, though both live together.

But the (aspirant) soul who gets shelter of the learned acharya of vedas, obeys the vedic preaching and holds vedic knowledge, pious deeds and worship in his daily life, he only becomes able to realise God.
In view of the above, is it not astonishing for the whole world that the matter kept in Agra city is being searched in Mumbai.

I mean to say, God resides within the body and we are searching Him in several man-made places of worship whereas God, despite being omnipresent has preached that He Rrsides within Human body and therefore manifests nowhere else but in human-body.
Vedas have also preached the following means of worship to realise God:-
*Study of vedas under the guidance learned acharya.
*As per Yajurved mantra 1/1 the human body is meant for performing daily Yajyen.
*Samved mantra 1799 states to do daily name jaap of God according to vedas.
*All four vedas, especially Samved state to do hard practice of Ashtang Yog Philosophy daily.

The above practice will enable the aspirant to control his senses, mind and intellect from vices and sins to do pious deeds only. All this is attained while discharging moral duties towards family, society and nation.

Now it is upto us where we follow impartial vedic preach given by God or otherwise.