May 19, 2006
Today’s Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya

Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/29 says Poornaat (from Almighty God) + Poornam Udachati (This complete universe is created) that God is Almighty i.e., He is complete in all respects whereas soul has limited knowledge and limited powers. Idea of the mantra is that from “Poorna Purush” Poorna means complete, Purush means Almighty God “Poornam Udachati” therefore this universe is also complete in all respects, created by the God. Nothing is required to be added or subtracted, either from God or from universe. Can anybody imagine any deficiency or error in God? Naturally, the answer is no. So is the case of creation. Here we have to consider Rigveda mantra 10/90/9 that the Vedas emanate direct from God and are therefore full of complete knowledge right from straw to Brahma (God) including entire universe.

It means to say that if anybody desires to be perfect learned dignitary, he is to study four Vedas like ancient Rishi-Munis, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Mata Sita, King Janak, Acharya Gargi etc., and their public.

This type of idea of study of Vedas to gain knowledge is very well stated in Rigveda mantra 6/28/5. Mantra says-
“Gavo Bhago Gaav Indro Mein Achchan Gavaha Somasya Prathmasya Bhakshah.
Ima Yaa Gaavaha Sa Janaas Indra ichhameeddhrida mansa chidindram.”

(Janaasaha) O men! (Prathamasya Somasya) first full of merriment (Gaavaha) gives milk to calf, i.e., O men! First the cows, who are looked after the best, give sweet milk to calf and milkman. Similarly, when an aspirant states not from whole heart but from soul (Indraha) the learned of Vedas and Yoga philosophy, to whom I serve (Bhakshaha) the Acharya (Mein) for me (Achchaan) shower the knowledge of Vedas, because I (Hrida) with soul and (Mansa) with heart, am desirous of the said learned Acharya. The
idea of the mantra is that those who have keen desire with heart and soul to gain the entire knowledge of Vedas, they only attain merriment and observe long happy life.

Vedas say that people must not be lazy to listen preach from an Acharya and must not avoid Vedic preach. Really this is our bad luck that the Devtas
are being insulted in such a manner openly before the public. This is not out of place to mention that Yask Muni in his Shatpath Brahmin Granth gives the
definition of Devta. In Vedas, Devta is called Dev.

Who is Dev? In return Yask Muni says “Vidwan So Hi Deva” (Shloka 3/7/3/10).

Meaning thereof is the adorable dignitary who learnt and became a learned of Vedas and Yoga philosophy is called Dev (Devta). In this way, Vyas Muni, Kapil Muni an ancient/present Rishi-Munis are Dev/Sur/Devta.

So Dev (Devtas) are always adorable because in the absence of Dev nobody can be learned. So how can we ignore or slap on the face of adorable

May I request such saints to kindly avoid such preach. So, the person who is in touch with Devaha (Sur) i.e., learned of Vedas when will desire with whole heart and soul to learn Vedas/Yoga philosophy, he will sure get the knowledge and will become a complete learned dignitary. Somewhere, the
Shastras say (Rishibhyaha Pitaro Jaataha) i.e., a learned generates learneds and this process is eternal.

Let us learn some matters of science from Rigveda mandal 10, Sukta 75. Anxious aspirants must donate time to Vedic philosophy to promote international brotherhood.

Aspirants who are keen to learn as stated above will sure gain the ideas of Rigveda mantras because due to the shortage of time, I am unable to
give brief of Ved mantras.

Mantra 1 :- The sunrays comprise of seven colours, electricity current in space contains seven colours.

Mantra 2 :- God makes the way of water to flow. Water is stored in space. Water has the quality to flow from higher altitude to lower level on the earth and gives bliss to people by growing crops, fruits, vegetations on the earth.

Mantra 3 :- When electricity in the sky pierces the clouds in rainy season then it generates thunder and causes to rain.

Mantra 4 :- Water in the sky creates river full of water.

Mantra 5 :- (Gange) i.e., ‘Ganga’ is a name of river, whose flowing water goes direct to ocean . ‘Yamuna’ is the river which joins Ganga as a tributary, at some place.

Mantra 6, 7, 8 :- States about other kind of rivers. And the water stored in space when comes down in the form of rain it replenishes the rivers on the earth. There is largest store-house of water in the space which feeds all the rivers on earth.

Rigveda mantra 1/34/6 gives indication to make aeroplanes, ships for journey.

Mantra 1/34/7 states that the aeroplane must be manufactured for journey to the countries, long distances apart.

Rigveda mantra 2/18/4 & 5 states to manufacture aeroplanes using Horse powers. Mantra says as the Chariot is driven by 20, 30, 60 and 70 and more horses similarly aeroplane of Horse power must be manufactured. Mantra 2/18/6 states that through aeroplane one can come down and go up in air.

Rigveda mantra 1/16/5 states that like a thirsty deer, animal and birds who go to a river to drink water, similarly the Sun through his rays drinks the
water of rivers etc., and water content of green vegetation.

The idea of Rigveda mantra 1/164/11 is that the time in the universe is divided into twelve months and is calculated from Sun. The time exists everywhere. Neither the time is created nor is it destroyed. The power of Almighty God when works at stipulated time in Prakriti, then 720 matters are generated and the said process too is eternal. The matters are doing their
own task under the control of God. One must try his level best to know the matters.

Hence, every matter relating to science exists in four Vedas.

Previously a question was put to me about Hindu religion and period of universe. Its answer is pasted here for information, please.

This is a Truth that even today every religion decide the truth or untruth based on its religious holy book. This is also a well known fact and world accepts it that in the world’s library (In Britain also) there are four Vedas as the ancient holy book of the world.

Yajurveda Chapter 31, Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 129, Atharvaveda 8/11/3-6 and Saamveda mantra 617 all ready say that the knowledge of four Vedas is direct from Almighty God at the time of creation. Knowledge can be given only when someone gives knowledge to others.

That is why before more than 5,000 years Rishi Patanjali told in Yog Shastra Sutra 1/27 that Almighty God is Spiritual master of all human beings. In the
Vedas there is no mention of any sects and caste system. We, the mankind are the children of only one Almighty God, our father. Manusmriti is also a holy book written by Manu after studying Vedas.

Manusmriti give the proof in its chapter one that present time of the earth is 7th Manvantar, up till now 6 manvantar have passed. Those are Swayambhar,
Swarochisch, Ottmi, Tamas, Ryivat and Chakshash, now its 7th manvantar.

71 chaturyugi = 1 manvantar.
There are four yug— Satyug, Treta, Dwapur and Kaliyug.

Satyug = 17 lakhs 28 thousands years
Treta = 12 lakhs 96 thousands years
Dwapur = 8 lakhs 64 thousands years
Kaliyug = 4 lakhs 32 thousands years
The total of four Yugas comes to be 43 lakhs and 20 thousands years which is equal to one Chaturyugi. 71 Chaturyugi i.e., 30 crore 67 lakhs and 20 thousands years equal to one Manvantar and 6 Manvantar have yet passed whose calculation comes to one Arab 84 crore 30 lakhs and 20 thousands years.

This is 7th Manvantar and 28 Chaturyugi and the present Kaliyug has passed its time of 5002 years. So up till now the age of the earth and Vedas is one Arab 96 crore 8 lakhs 53 thousands and 2 years. Bhagwat Geeta shlok 8/17 also says about this fact. Manu Smriti shloka 1/64 to 1/80 also says that at that time there were no any sects or caste system. And there was no any word Hindu at that time.

The word Hindu is also not mentioned in holy books, Upnishads, Shastras and Valmiki Ramayana, Shatpath Brahmin Granth etc. And in these holy books there is no any word Hindus or sects or caste system, where as it is clearly mentioned in every chapter of thereof that there is only one God of the universe. Yajurveda Chapter 31, Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 129 Mantra 1-6, Saamveda Mantra 617- 621 says that this universe including Earth and all human beings is the creation of one Almighty God. Manusmriti Shloka 1/21 also says that cow, horse, mankind etc., made by God and its name were made from Vedas. Shloka 1/136-141 and 2/17 says that on whole of the Earth, the man and woman took birth only in Trivishtup.

Those who have good qualities they were named Arya and who were entangled in bad deeds were called Dasyu (dacoit or Asur). The whole of the mankind at that time were called Aryans and Dasyus accordingly.

After so many years the Aryans came down and where they started living they name the place Aryavrat and long afterwards it was named as Bharatvarsh. Bharat means Vedvani that is Ved mantras in four Vedas as
mentioned in Rigveda mantra 3/53/12. The meaning of said mantra is that Almighty God does protection of all those who know and respect the Bhartam (Ved mantras).

So until the voice of four Vedas is there in Indians, there will be automatically protection from God because the Ved mantras is the knowledge originated in the heart of selected four pious souls of previous Earth at the time of present creation, their names are Agni, Vaayu, Aaditya and Angira Rishi. Vedas are thus not books, this is knowledge generated in the heart of
the said four Rishis. Long after that is after one Arab and more than 96
crore years this knowledge which was being learned by heart generation to generation by mouth was written on Bhoj Patra by Vyas Muni and in 18th Century it was published. Most of the Indians have forgotten this eternal and supernatural Vedas knowledge wherein there is only one God of the universe who creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again after destroying He creates again. This is faith on Vedas as is the faith of every man or woman in their respective religious book. The Aryavrat countries are is in North Himalaya, in South Vindhyachal, in East and West ocean and river Saraswati, in West Attak river and in east Drishdawati river which is originated from east Nepal mountain and goes to Assam (East Bengal) and from west of Burma to South ocean which is now called Brahmputra. From north mountains to south ocean where Attak river is mixed with ocean. From Himalaya Equator to mountains of south upto Rameshwar and in Vindhyachal the whole area was called Aryavrat country whose present name is Bharatvarsh or Hindustan or India in English. Mahabharata also tells about the same fact. In view of this it is proved that all mankind took birth in Tibet. And there was no any sect at that time.

Mahabharta or Bhagwat Geeta was written by Vyas Muni about 5,084 years back. And Valmiki Ramayana is written about 9 crore years back. In these
authenticated holy books there is also no mention of any sect or caste-system. We all mankind were called Aryans upto 5,000 years back and thereafter too. The Indian philosophy who has given so many philosophies
and views for benefit of mankind and human beings uptil now. There were Takshila and Nalanda University where the students from all parts of the world used to come to study Vedas and other subjects. Those all were
called Aryans at that time. First time Greeks and Unanis used the word Indu for Sindhu ocean and the public lived on the bank of Sindhu. Thereafter
Arabians and inhabitants of Faras started saying word Hindi to the Aryans lived across Sindhu river. So
whosoever was living across the Sindhu was called
Indu. And now Hindu either Muslim, Christian etc. So
Hindu word was used for all who lived across the
Sindhu. When there was no any word Hindu except Aryans
before 5,000 years and thereafter too then it is clear
that it is being used for the last 2-3 thousand years

Within these years too Islam, Jain, Bodh,
Christianity, Sikh religion came into existence and
who were after Vedas, Shastras, Upanishads, Brahmin
Granth, Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayana were studying as
before have been named with word Hindu instead Aryans.
Whole of the world knows about the fact of origin of
these religions. So whole of the world can not be
considered Hindu now at this belated stage. The study
of all religions conclude that no any religion preach
hate or war or quarrelling etc. Every religion speaks
about love together, worship of one Almighty God, live
and let live and to promote brotherhood
internationally. The whole mankind thus (should) try
to remove the ravages of hatred at all level.

May 20, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya

The Preach on science delivered yesterday, on the
19th May 2006, teaches us that whatever has been
stated in the mantras has now become normal and
unastonishing. For example- mantra 10/75/1-7.

Here we will see that present
invention of science states the same fact. So is the
case of every invention of science in space, atomic
energy, manufacturing of aeroplanes, ships, car,
electricity, buildings etc. I mean to say that present
science along with the science which has yet not been
invented, exists in Vedas.

So please see here other subjects of science:

Rigveda mantra 1/22/14 states that the learned
person must use the matter of the earth to make
aeroplanes and vehicles etc. using water, fire and
electricity for journey by road, space and

Rigveda mantra 1/23/2 states that the aeroplane works
on the basis of energy obtained from electricity and
air etc.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/3 states that thousands of
mechanical/engineering systems can be manufactured
with the help of electricity and air.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/6 states that air and Sun are
utilized to protect the matters of household, crops
and vegetables. (Now the fridge, cold storage boxes
are used).

Rigveda mantra 1/23/7 states that without air
fire is not generated.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/8 states that no one is
able to speak and listen etc. without air. Mantra
further states that Sun is situated in the space like
a ball of fire. Without its heat and energy, no
human-being is able to exist. The human being
therefore must know about the Sun and matters to use
in daily life.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/9 states that all such
matters have been created by Almighty God to be used
by human-beings for long, happy life.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/11 gives hint to
manufacture Guns etc. for the use of army.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/12 states that
human-beings must know about quality of electricity,
air, water, earth and medicines etc.

Rigveda mantra 1/23/13 states that just like
milkman nurses the cows, buffalos, animals etc. by
taking care of them and protecting them, then he
becomes able to serve other people with milk etc. for
their happiness, so is the Sun which showers his rays
of light to several planets in the space and protects
them even with its power of attraction.

Rigveda mantra 3/6/4 states that the Sun in
space is the biggest one and while moving on its axis
continuously showers its light to several planets and
creates day and night.

Rigveda mantra 5/31/9 states- (Indra Kutsa)
electricity and its power is used in (Rathen) means of
transport like car, motorcycle, rail engines,
aeroplanes etc. Electricity, fire and (Adabhyaha)
water, generate power (Nihi Dhamathaha), produces

Idea of the mantra is that nowadays too
the above means of transport are functioning using the
power of electricity, fire and water. When fire, water
and electricity are utilized scientifically, by their
combination, they generate sound and rail engine runs
on the energy of vapours.

Mantra adds that while manufacturing
such vehicles, the human-beings adopt the same, as
profession, to earn the money. The same mechanism
stating about the wheel and gear etc. has been
mentioned in Rigveda mantra 5/31/11.

The learned person must invent the
process of generating electricity as mentioned in
Rigveda mantra 5/52/6. (So nowadays everybody is
enjoying the use of electricity).

There are several matters which exist in
space to be known by human-beings- Rigveda Mantra

We also see that whatever the above
hints have been given in Rigveda Mantras about
science, same subjects of science have been invented,
i.e., every subject of science exists in Vedas.

May 21, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya.

Idea of following Rigveda mantras of Mandal 10, Sukta
23 is as under-

(1.) Mantra 20- Body with its respiratory system is
destructible. The same are separated again and again
from soul and cause rebirth. The aspirant worships God
according to Vedas to get salvation.

(2.) Mantra 21- The life in the body is to remove the
sorrows. Such life is blessed by God. However, the
best and the highest stage of human life is to attain
salvation. Salvation is attained by those who listen
and put the preach of Vedas in practice in daily life.
In addition, such aspirants when are purified and
worship God, then they attain salvation.

(3.) Mantra 22- Every human body is destructible and
death is inevitable. Person bearing several
sufferings/sorrows and diseases etc. attains death but
every death teaches aspirant to be ascetic and
inspires to worship God regularly to attain salvation.

(4.) Mantra 23- At the time of creation, the main
non-alive Devtas, like Sun, Moon, Earth, etc. were
created. The clouds cause rains from sky. Clouds, air
and Sun grow vegetables etc. on earth. Sun carries the
water in the sky in the form of vapours, the air
beholds the same and the water again comes down on the
earth in the form of rain.

(5.) Mantra 24- Sun, air and clouds give life to the
living creatures. The God who has blessed the bodies
to living creatures must be realised by human beings.
During the process of life or at the time of
experiencing problems/sorrows, one must never forget
Almighty God who has given the life and also blessed
the human-being with all happiness/merriment. The task
of the God to nurse, protect the universe, etc. never

The following ideas are from
Rigveda Mandal 10, Sukta 29-

(1.) Mantra 4- God is friend of those who worship
Him and aspirant must do the special prayer and utter
special qualities of God. This results the aspirant to
be a famous worshipper and thus he gets merriment
along with God during salvation.

(2.) Mantra 5- Those who offer their precious heart
touching prayers, worship and praise to the Almighty
God, they get salvation.

(3.) Mantra 6- God has created juicy vegetables,
fruits etc. The aspirant takes the same vegetarian
food and thus they become able to worship God.

(4.) Mantra 7- Human-being must fulfill their heart
with continuous worship, prayer and praise of God as
God is only the base of permanent merriment.
Human-body is the best place where knowledge and the
realization of God occurs. Such realization occurs in
the heart of a complete Yogi.

The idea of Rigveda mantras of Mandal
10, Sukta 31 is-

(1.) Mantra 1- One must always desire to realize God
and to get the goal, he must be always in contact with
the learned Yogi who knows Vedas and Ashtang Yoga. The
aspirant must listen the preach of such Yogi to kill
all sins and to overcome recurring death.

(2.) Mantra 2 – A person must always desire to get
knowledge, to be purified. He must follow the preaches
faithfully to utilise the same in the path of
salvation. The knowledge is the best power of a man.

(3.) Mantra 3 – The above worship enables an aspirant
to attain mind having qualities of Yoga. In the same
stage Yogi becomes able to do complete meditation
which further protects a Yogi from any mishappening
etc. Such stage enables a Yogi to sail from the deep
sea of the world.

(4.) Mantra 6 – Knowledge of Vedas which emanates from
Almighty God is always adorable and is eternal one.
The God blesses the breath to all living creatures.
Worship of God along with praise and prayer is always
done from Vedas and the aspirant accordingly attains

(5.) Mantra 7 – The Omnipresent God creates the
heavenly bodies, like Sun and earth etc with in which
the day, night, dawn, dusk also exist and day by day
they are leading towards destruction.

(6.) Mantra 8 – God creates universe. None other than
God is Almighty. The ray of Sun which always depend on
the Sun, make the Sun visible to the world. Similarly
all the matters of universe created by God are always
under His shelter and one can thus very well imagine
the existence of God by seeing the matters like Sun,
stars, earth, human body etc.

Vedas are not sect.
Vedas are eternal. So the knowledge of Vedas can be
studied by all human-being of any sect as this is the
voice of God and God is the father of all
human-beings, because He nurses, protects and gives
shelter to all. Creation like Sun, Moon, Earth, Air,
Water, Vegetables etc. etc. are meant for all human
beings and not to a special sect. Similarly the
knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God, is
meant for the welfare of all human beings and not for
any special sect. There is no caste system in Vedas.

Today mostly the path to realize God has
been declared as a very easy one. Saints often quote
an example from Tulsi Ramayana –
“Kalyug Kewal Naam Adhara, Simar-Simar Nar Utarahin
i.e., in Kalyug only chanting of God’s name is enough
to sail the human-beings through the deep sea of the

However, let us reckon the fact that we
often do injustice to Vedas, Shastras, Upnishad,
Ramayana by culminating entire worship into 1-2
chowpayees of Tulsi Ramayana only ignoring others.
Because complete knowledge never remains in 1-2 Ved
mantras, chowpayees of Ramayana, Sutras of Shastras
and Shlokas of Geeta etc. and complete holy book is to
be gone through and yet the complete remaining
knowledge rests in four Vedas. Vedas are complete
knowledge, having emanated from complete God, as per
Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/29.

In this connection Atharvaveda mantra
12/5(4)/28 clearly states not to take only piecemeal
idea etc. of the mantras, only to fulfill one’s own

Tulsi himself says in 2nd page of Tulsi Ramayana

“Nana Puraannigamagamsammatam Yad Ramayane Nigaditam
Kvachi Danyatoapi Swantaha Sukhaye”.

Meaning i.e., Tulsi Das ji says that He, after
extracting knowledge from sources like Vedas, puraan
and few more, has written the story of Sri Ram for his
own happiness, in attractive and beautiful language as
Tulsi Das ji devoted time to study the above holy
books so it is not out of place to mention that idea
of writing Tulsi Ramayana too was not an easy task
involving prior study of Ved shastras etc. as stated
above. Hence worship of God explained in Vedas and
Ramayana is also not an easy task.

As far as question of Kalyug arises, then study of
Ramayana etc. proves that each matter on earth, sun,
moon, water, air, day and night are created by pure,
formless, alive Almighty God. Hence no matter which
exists on earth, day, night, yugas- Satyug, Treta,
Dwapar, Kalyug can be said to be impure, unpious since
the source of their origin is purest of pure that is
God who created the same from non alive Prakriti. Then
how can sun, moon, seasons, day and night and yugas
mentioned in Atharvaveda mantra 9/9/13, duly created
by pious God, be unpious? The said matters, you see,
are totally non alive. This is only alive man (soul
who gets himself entangled in distortion of Prakriti
and direct his senses, perceptions towards bad deeds
and commits sins. According to Yajurveda mantra 7/48,
soul suffers the good and bad result awarded by God,
of pious and unpious deeds. Ved shastras and one to
all say ocean of unpious deeds lies full in chitta
vritti of human being himself. So Yugas are not pious
or unpious being non alive and thus are not free like
soul to do anything at their own. Tulsi might have
tried to project the fact that after Mahabharata war
study of Vedas, Yajya and practice of yoga philosophy
has minimized and hence people have become incapable
to make distinction between truth and falsehood. That
is why Tulsi further says-

“Shruti Sammat Hari Bhakti Path Sanjut Birti Bibek
Tehin Na Chalhin Nar Moha Bas Kalpahin Panth

Meaning- Path of worship of God in accordance with
Vedas and full of knowledge and vairagya, is not being
followed by human beings due to their attachment with
world and people have created their own new paths of
worship. Hence we need to indulge in study of Vedas
and tapasaya , like it was followed in three Yugas-
Satyug, Treta, Dwapur, to eliminate unpious deeds and
lead a happy, peaceful life.

So to say “ Kalyug Kewal Naam Adhara ,
Simar-Simar Nar Utarahin Para”
i.e., in Kalyug there is only a way to do name
jaap of God, to sail from the deep sea of the world,
needs extensive study of Vedas, Tulsi Ramanaya, Yajya,
practice of Yoga philosophy etc. as Tulsi das ji also
did. Then only we will come to a conclusion that Tulsi
has also written so many chowpayees like –
“Yog Agni Kari Pragat ,

Tab karm Subhasubh Layee”
i.e., when a Yogi like Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and
Rishi-Munis learn Vedas, perform holy Yajna and
practice Ashtang Yoga then all his good and bad deeds
are burnt and he gets final liberation.

Tulsi Ramayana is also full of the
chowpayees and couplets based on the Vedas preach to
follow which requires explanations by a Yogi. So full
Ramayana and Vedas together are required to be studied
to come to a conclusion to know and to realize God.

May 22, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His
Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya.

Idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 31 is
as under

Mantra 9:- “Stego Na Kshaamtyeti Prithveem Miham Na
Vaato vee Ha Vaati Bhoom.
Mitro Yatr Varuno Ajyamaanoagnirvane
Na Vyasrisht Shokam”.

Mantra says “Stegaha Na Prithveem Atyeti” i.e. the
rays of light of Sun are spread everywhere. Similarly
the God is everywhere in the universe and even beyond
universe. The burning fire enlightens the dark place.
Similarly the God with His glory/power
enlightens/creates the universe.

Mantra 10:- “Stareenyatsoot Sadyo Ajyamaana
Vyathiravyathihi Krinnut Svagopa.
Putro Yatpurvaha Pitrorjanisht Shamyaam
Gaurjagaar Yadh Prichhaan”.

Mantra says “Yat Sadyaha Ajyamana Soot Starihi” i.e.
the pregnant cow at the time of delivery bears a lot
of (Vyathihi) pain. (Svagopa Avyathihi Krinnuta) She
overcomes the pain with the help of milkman because
milkman arranges medical and other goods to serve the
cow to make the delivery easy one. (Yat Pitroho
Poorvaha Putraha Ajanishta) similarly when supreme
soul takes birth, he (Shamyaam Gauhu Jagaar Yat Ha
Prichhaan) while studying Vedas is awaken and thus
praying, worshipping and praising the God is exempted
from the worldly sorrows. It means that soul takes
birth to face the worldly sorrows and problems
definitely, but the aspirants make them able to exempt
them from sorrows etc., by studying/attaining the
knowledge of Vedas.

Mantra 11:- “Ut Kanvam Nrishadah Putramaahurut Shyaavo
Dhanmadutt Vaaji.
Pra Krishnaay Rushadpinvatodhrritmatr Nakirasma

Mantra says, (Kanvam- Ut Nrishadah Putrram Aahuhu) He
who is a wise worshipper i.e. learned of Vedas is
called ‘Son of God’, like a breath of a person. (Ut)
and (Shyavah vaaji Dhanam-Aa-Adutt).

Such hard working, wise-learned of Vedas becomes
powerful and attains merriment of realizing God.
(Krishnaay Rushat-Uudhah Pra Apinvat) the worshipper
who attracts the divine qualities of the God within
him, then the God too showers the divine merriment in
the heart of the worshipper.

The idea of Rigveda mantra Mandal 10 Sukta 32 is as

Mantra 1:- “Pra Su Gmanta Dhiysaanasya Sakshni
Varebhirvraan Abhi Shu Prasidatah.
Asmakmindr Ubhyam Jujoshti
Yatsomyasyandhso Bubodhati”

Mantra says, The God likes only our most excellent
pious deeds and knowledge. We must please the learned
persons, with whose contact our family attains

Mantra 2:-“Veeindra Yaasi Divyaani Rochna Ve
Parthivaani Rajsa Purushtut.
Ye Tva Vahanti Muhuradhvran Up Te Su
Vanvantu Vagvanaa Aradhasah”

Mantra says, Adorable/worshippable and praisable God
is present everywhere in Space, Earth, Nakshtr, and
heavenly bodies etc. He is omnipresent. The aspirants
when arrange and perform special Yajyen for you then
they attains special pleasure.

Without worship, praise and prayer of Almighty God in
accordance with Vedas no one can attain pleasure and
permanent merriment. But without study of Vedas nobody
can worship God as stated above. And without a learned
Acharya nobody can study/know Vedas.

May 23, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 32 is as under:-

Mantra 3:-

Mantra says:- When worship, prayer and praise is performed for the adorable God, then with His blessings faithful and learned wife/husband are matched and family life becomes the happiest. This is the glorious result of a family life of husband and wife so it is very clear that human-being must worship God as is mentioned in Vedas. It also helps to choose suitable match. So the difficulties all over to choose suitable match or misunderstandings, problems and divorce etc. after marriage is due to the lack of worship of God according to Vedas. This has a proof that the said problems were not prevalent in the ancient times of Satyug, Treta, Dwapur when knowledge of Vedas existed everywhere in the family.

Mantra 4 says:- In the family, the cows are to be nursed to provide milk to the children, men and women, to give nutrition to all parts of body.

Mantra 5 says:- “EK DEVAYUHU” for the learned of Vedas, there is only one Almighty God to be worshipped etc. “VAHA” O learned! for you the God “PADAM-ACHCH PRA RIRICHE” awards the best result (of salvation).

“RUDREBHIHI TURVANNIHI YAATI” He makes the devils to weep “YESHVAMRITESHU JARAA DAAVANE PARI” and amongst the true aspirants/worshipper who praise God according to Vedas “VAHA OOMEBHYAHA MADHUSYNCHATA” all the matters along with food etc. must be awarded.

Mantra 7 says:- The idea of this mantra is that the aspirant who does not know the knowledge, he must traditionally go to an Acharya to get the same.

Mantra 8 says:- The soul comes in womb, starts breathing, the soul realises himself in the womb then comes out of the womb, he then is feeded by mother. He becomes young and thereafter old one. While living in the old, deformed body, he yet lives happily therein and does not insult the old body. It means the soul does not hate the aged, old, diseased, ugly, deformed body yet he wants new clothes, fresh food, gold-silver, money and property etc.

Mantra 9 says :- He is the Acharya who is learned of Vedas/yoga philosophy. He has disciples to preach them the knowledge of Vedas. The disciples must provide the Acharya with different types of money, clothes etc. as a gift. In return the learned Acharya must give the complete knowledge of Vedas to the aspirants.

The idea of Rigveda mantra 10/33/8 is “AMRITANAM-UT VAA MARTYANAAM YAT EESHEEYE” people worship God by studying Vedas and performing Yajya etc. and pray to God to be an owner of worldly pious happiness of getting education, assets and all materialistic pious articles and simultaneously the merriment of salvation. So there must be progress in both sides together. That is spiritual as well as materialistic. Then only the human life becomes successful.

The idea of Rigveda mantra 10/33/9 is- By ignoring the preach of learned Acharya and the rules of the divine mantras of Vedas, nobody can attain age
of 100 years free from diseases, problems etc.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 34 is as under:-
Mantra 1 says the gambler thinks that in gambling he is experiencing utmost merriment and he thinks that the gambling is refreshing/awakening to him but this all is false.

Mantra 2:- The gambler says to himself that his wife never harms nor gives sufferings to him. She does not even insult him but it is regretted that such a faithful wife could not be retained by me as a life partner due to my bad habit of gambling.

Mantra 3 says the mother-in-law of a gambler hates him. Wife too hates him. No body try to give him happiness, he is debarred from the necessary articles/goods of routine life.

The family, public or the whole universe become happy only when he study Vedas/holy books and worship God accordingly. Secondly Govt., of all world and learned people teach not to play gambling. But the eternal Vedas emanates direct from God have already been teaching the subject i.e., not to gamble. Thus we must study Vedas and then only we will realize that every action in the universe is in accordance with Vedas.

May 24, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal10, Sukta 34 is as under-
Mantra 4:- When the gambler becomes habitual to gamble then he always thinks that money to gamble must become available by any means even through theft. The mantra says “Asya Jayaam Anye Parimrishanti” i.e., the wife of the gambler is insulted by other gamblers. “Pita Mata Bhrataraha” i.e., father, mother and brothers “Na Jaaneemaha” start saying that they do not know him (Gambler). “Etam Baddham Nayat” the relatives say to public or administrative authorities that tie him (gambler) and take him away.

Mantra 5:- One must always be away from gambling otherwise once the person if becomes habitual then all his efforts to give up gambling go in vain.

Mantra 6:-The gambler always goes in the place/company of the gamblers to gamble with the intention that he will be winner. However, it is his own thinking.

Mantra 7:- The dices/playing cards of gambler if award success yet the same success is always sorrowful, painful and even subjects to death. So one must beware of gambling and avoid it.

Mantra 8:- The pack of dices and playing cards is as effective as the fundamental law of sun. The gambling is played in all the eight directions i.e. east, west etc. The gambling is not even subdued by the anger. The king also greets (Namaskar) the gambling. So the result of the gambling is the most dangerous one. One should never resort to gambling.

Mantra 9:- Gambling if one time gives success then other time will give defeat to the gambler. Though the dice/playing card appear to be cold physically, yet have divine heat to burn the heart of gambler. And this is the worst result of the gambling.

Mantra 10:- The wife of the gambler always lacks jewellery, good clothes etc. She lives with a broken heart being sad. The mother of the gambler also feels sad. The gambler also feels afraid of the money lenders. He in grief starts stealing. This is also the worst picture of the gambling.

Owing to the deteriorated situation of the house of the gambler, when he sees his sad wife and the poverty and on the contrary when he sees the happy life of the neighbourers etc., then he repents. When a gambler really repents and feels disgusted then he must address clearly to the main gambler of the gamble-house that from now on he shall never gamble. This is the only way to give up the gambling.

Mantra 13:- The earning process by tedious means like gambling and even being the sinful earning, one should not gamble but must earn doing hard working, agriculture or by other pious means. In this way, the God always blesses human-beings.

It is a fundamental law that sun always showers ray of light which have heat. Similarly the gambling always gives such a heat to heart of gambler and burns him always. This law is unchangeable. So one
must never think that if a person is occasionally successful in gambling so he is feeling peace. No, please. The above fundamental says that gambling
always hurt the heart.

Yudhishthar is a historical example and all above said mantras are applicable to him. He gambled and lost his wife even and repented.

India became slave only due to the vices like gambling, taking wine, meat, prostitution etc. prevalent amongst all the Nawabs of that time.

May 25, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya.

Idea of the Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 35 is as under-

Mantra 1:- Morning time especially dawn is also very beautiful creation of God which symbolizes that sun rises for the human-beings giving its light to the earth etc. So everybody must utilize the rays of sun (e.g.-sun bath etc.) for health and to discharge the duties by doing hard-work to live upon. Rising sun is an indication to start daily routine work. The idea is very clear that nobody must sleep in the morning time. Rigveda mantra 1/92/10 too states that the dawn comes to every door of human being to make his future bright, i.e., he who wakes up early in the morning and starts hard working towards spiritualism and pious worldly deeds, he always makes his future bright.
There is a special saying “Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” and must be adhered to. It shall not out of place to mention that every true saying/idea prevalent in the world, already exists in the Vedas and is even taken from there.

The mantra also contains the second idea that the dawn showers rays on the earth indicating that Rishi-Muni, Yogis or aspirants must awake early in the morning to meditate/worship God to realize the divine light within them. They further shower blessings to the aspirants to educate them in Vedas and Yoga philosophy to burn the illusion to realize truth. Therefore the people must utilize the morning the best. Similarly the night has been blessed by God to take rest and to take sound sleep.

Mantra 5:- In the morning the sun rays are accompanied with light and spread on the earth. The light ends the darkness and helps to grow vegetation, crops etc. Here the mantra indicates that the sunlight is as beneficial as a learned bride who enters the house to spread the bright future, the assets, glory, fame to the family i.e. the bride must possess the said qualities.

Mantra 6:- says that the contact of morning rays with human body protects human-being from diseases. So everybody must get benefit. To perform
havan/agnihotra/Yajya in the morning is also beneficial and awards happy family life to all.

Mantra 8:- Knowledge of four Vedas emanates from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis named Vayu, Agni, Aditya, Angira, in the beginning of the unsexual creation. The knowledge is then attained by others and they become Rishis to spread Vedas knowledge to others.

Mantra 9:- In the present life one must always get spiritual as well as scientific/worldly pious knowledge from God for a long, happy life. The
knowledge must be spread. There must always be a contact with the learned Acharya of Vedas/Yoga philosophy. We must live within a pure atmosphere where there must not be ego, attachment or ravages of hatred. Daily prayer and praise in respect of God in daily hawan/Yajya must be performed. There must be full command on five senses, five perceptions and mind adopting Brahamcharya path, as God is pleased and showers blessings on Brahmachari and protects him.

Mantra 12:- In the beginning of the earth, the God originated the Vedas knowledge in the heart of four Rishis. The said process is eternal and unchangeable. So an aspirant desires that may the said eternal knowledge be given to him by the present Acharya, and not the self-made worship.

So Vedas’ knowledge is ever unchangeable. It was in the previous countless creations, exists now in the present and will ever remain after the final destruction of this universe. Every body must attain this knowledge for a long, happy life and to get salvation.

May 26, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya.

Idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 40 is as under:-

Mantra 8:- Educated persons must look after and protect the poor, careless and old widows and widowers. The marriage must be based on good qualities, capability and desire. If there is no desire then marriage must not be solemnized. Then only a family life can be happy. Before marriage one should always be a brahamchari.

Mantra 10:- When a man and woman accept the married life then they must do firm promise to remain always with utmost love and they must always stand by their promise. They must pray to God to get good progeny.

Mantra 12:- The aged people must be looked after by youngsters. Human-beings must be educated in both sides i.e. spiritualism and worldly science etc. The desire must be pious, limited and controlled. The married women must always live in their husband’s house.

Mantra 13:- Educated learned and aged men/women must advise to the family of youngsters to give them peace and happy life and also to enable them to earn money with hard working and to make their family life free from all kinds of sins.

The family life is meant for worship of God to always discharge moral duties and do hard pious working. True worship will shower wisdom to enable the family to be free from sins resulting a long, happy life.

Idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal10, Sukta 41, is as under:-
Mantra 1:- Human beings must wake up early in the morning (i.e., in dawn’s atmosphere). God advises here quoting the word “Trichakram” i.e., “Three cycles”. The meaning of cycle here is the worship in three-folds-praise (Stuti), prayer (Prarthna) and worship (Upasana). So God preaches all family members to do the same early in the morning, daily. Be always pious by all means. The said teaching awards salvation.

Mantra 2:- Yajya, chanting of name (jaap) of God by heart and Pranayam etc. are the kinds of worship. In this mantra, God preaches that the breath in the nostril called Prann and Apaan must be used to do Pranayam. (Pranayam must be learnt first from a learned Acharya who knows Vedas and Ashtang Yoga philosophy, to get salvation). The aspirant who always has deep thoughts about God daily (Thought means he does praise, worship, prayer of God based on Vedas as stated above), donates as per his calibre with firm mind, then it is clear that the breaths of such a learned aspirant even blessed by God to him are meant for his true, long happy life and to get salvation.

Human beings must start their worship of God in the pleasant atmosphere of dawn. Deep thoughts of Vedas preach, practice of Yoga philosophy under supervision of an Acharya, services to learned Acharya and donation to a right place/dignitary (in Yajya etc) enables the aspirants to get salvation.

May 27, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya

Idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 42, is as under:

Mantra 4:- God preaches that when an aspirant follows the true path of Vedas to praise God (Stuti) etc., then naturally so many may be against him and obstacles therefore are to be faced. In this way, God always remains friend of a true aspirant. The aspirant who has surrendered himself or does worship, praise and prayer to God is then protected by God Himself.

Mantra 5:- He who worships and practises Ashtang Yoga philosophy one day he becomes able to control five senses, five perceptions and mind and thus overcomes the Sensuality (Kama), Anger (Krodh) etc. Thus he sure realizes God.

Mantra 6:- He is the real king who protects his public from illusion, dacoits, enemies etc., and enables the public to live in peaceful and fearless atmosphere. The enemies are scared of the king due to his power and administration. The king arranges for the livelihood, food, shelter etc. for the public. The societies or persons who help the nation to spread suitable business, culture, arts etc. for the benefit of the public, they must be helped and praised by the king.

Mantra 9:- The king must have full control on the enemies.

Mantra 10:- The public must earn money/capital etc., with the help of king. The public must get progress and success simultaneously in spiritualism as well as worldly science etc. The nation must be having sufficient quota of food grain so that nobody must remain hungry or sleep empty stomach. The illusion in the mind must be finished by gaining knowledge from Vedas.

Mantra 11:- The master of the Vedas always protects us from those who want to destroy or to harm us by any means, when we have gained the qualities of Vedas in our routine life.

Really, if an aspirant follows the path of Vedas-spiritualism and thus worships, praises and prays to God while discharging all moral duties of family/nation etc., then sure God who is everywhere, protects His worshipper. Secondly, Vedas have complete knowledge of the universe, both spiritual and worldly.
So he is the best king like Shri Ram, Dashrath, Harishchandra etc., who has knowledge of Vedas to apply politics accordingly to protect the people.

Idea of Rigveda mantra Mandal 10, Sukta 51, is as under:

Mantra 4:- Soul is always afraid of death which is but natural. When soul is awarded the human body and soul attains Vedas’ knowledge and starts meditation etc., under shelter of God, then only the soul overcomes the death. The five senses, five perceptions and mind always attract the soul towards illusion (Kama, Krodh etc.). Until soul realizes himself by worshipping God, the soul does not realize his divine power to overcome the illusion. The electricity is generated from water. A scientist generates the electricity and manufactures the machines etc., to be utilized for the benefit of the public. The electric waves have great power which must be utilized.

Mantra 5:- Electric current must be generated to enable machine/apparatus/vehicles etc., to move. The electricity if not generated then it is like a valuable item placed in darkness. The same when used
by scientist in machines etc., then the electricity becomes powerful for the benefit of the public.

Mantra 6:- In an instrument, when an electricity is applied, electricity becomes weak (spent) but from its weakness the machine works and importance of electricity is enhanced.

Mantra 7:- The electricity must be used in a machine so that it remains stable and active continuously.

Mantra 8:- The scientist must generate electricity from water or solid matters so that neutral and positive current of the electricity must be continued for a long time.

Mantra 9: – The positive wire and the negative wire of the electricity must be always separate from each other.

All matters of science already exist in the Vedas. If the scientists study Vedas, they may be really a complete scientist like the ancient Rishi-Munis.

May 28, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya

Idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 57, is as under:-

Mantra 1:- “Indra” Almighty God “Vayam Sominaha Pathaha Ma Pragaam” i.e., our conduct must not be against the Vedas at any cost. That one is the true path of life. The internal enemies like sensuality (Kaam), Anger (Krodh etc.), are also burnt on the basis of the preach of Vedas.

Idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 58, is as under:-
Mantra 1:- The psycho patient has generally negative/pessimistic thinking. Sometimes he even thinks that what will happen with him, whether he will die etc. Then the learned doctor must give him assurance by his technique, medicine etc., that he would become alright and will not die.

Mantra 2:- The psycho patient has bad thinking about Sun, Moon, and Earth etc., in awakening condition too. He may talk about Sun, Moon, Planets and several places of the earth baselessly. Doctor must cure him.

Mantra 3:- The psycho patient under misconception starts thinking that he is standing on high mountain, who will bring him down, he is in deep pit, who will pull him out, he is on desert land or sinking in swamp. Doctor must then cure him by giving assurance that he has been rescued.

Mantra 4:- Psycho patient when talks about all four directions baselessly, then the doctor must cure him with an assurance so as to make him healthy and peaceful.

Mantra 5:- Psycho patient when talks that he has gone away in an ocean and is sinking then the doctor must cure him by giving assurance that he has been brought back and is alright, he must have peace.

Mantra 6:- The psycho patient when starts sinking in the ocean of baseless and endless desires then the doctor must cure him with good advice to stop the desires with assurance as the desires are endless. The patient must stop his desires, to become healthy.

Mantra 7:- The psycho patient when is in misunderstanding and takes bath again and again and takes interest in vegetables, food with its taste etc., then the doctor must cure him by giving him encouragement and assurance to give the patient peace.

Mantra 8:- The psycho patient in the awakened/conscious condition or in the stage of half consciousness has deep picture of Sun/dawn in his mind and he is not ready to come out of that awakened stage and starts saying that the light of Sun is sharp then the doctor must cure him by giving him encouragement and assurance.

Mantra 9:- The psycho patient when feels that he is wandering on mountains then the doctor must cure him by giving encouragement and assurance.

Mantra 10:- The psycho patient when feels that he is wandering in the world, here and there, or he feels that he is far from world, then the doctor must cure him by encouragement and assurance.

Mantra 12:- The psycho patient sometimes thinks about the past old happenings, sometimes he makes plans baselessly for the future, then the doctor must cure him by giving encouragement and assurance.

Medical science is eternal and already exists in Vedas.

May 29, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 82, is as under:
Mantra 7:- If one does not know the God who has created the universe, he always indulges in illusion, faults, sins etc. That is why, mostly a person spends time on baseless talking/matters to fulfill his self-desires etc.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 110, is as under-
Mantra 6:- The fire stays in the Yajya kund/Hawan kund in the morning and in the evening with smile and inspiration and giving the aspirants the feeling of sleepiness.

Secondly, when an aspirant does practice of Yoga philosophy and meditates both times i.e., in the morning and in the evening, then the God is realized with smile, feeling of sleepiness to the horripilated worshipper. Idea of the mantra is that while performing hawan/Yajya or doing meditation, the aspirant/worshipper feels the above divine experiences of smiling, sleeping and horripilation etc.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 125, is as under-
Mantra 1:- In rhetorical language, vedvani says that she beholds 8 vasus (Prithvi, Antariksh, Agni, Vayu, Chandrama, Aditya, Nakshtra, Dyuhu), 11 Rudras (10 vital airs and soul), 12 Adityas i.e., 12 months, Agni (fire), Vidyut; day and night. Idea is that the universe remains stable on the basis of the knowledge of Vedas.

Mantra 4:- God says, that “Those who take My food, see and enjoy on My earth, breath, listen whatever somebody says but do not accept Me to worship, they are destroyed/annihilated. They are always indulged in

Mantra 5 :- Vedvani says when the man or Rishi attains Me then whom I like to be a deserving one, I award him with the title of Brahma, Rishi and learned. Idea is that those who study the Vedas and adopt Vedvani, they
become brilliant, glorious, Brahmas and Rishi etc.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 136, is as under –
Mantra 1:- Sun contains the fire, within itself, water in the sky. Sun beholds Dyulok (heavenly bodies) and earth. For the world it is a great source of light.

Mantra 2:- Several other light emitting planets are also in the sky which are controlled by air, those are to be known. The planets in the sky, state in
rhetorical language to the human-beings that the human-beings know their outer shape only and not internal.

Mantra 4:- Surya (Sun) rises in the sky and enlightens other planets.

Mantra 5:- Sun, like a store home of electricity, duly inspired by Almighty God, stays in east and west.

Mantra 6:- The sun attracts the water from earth through its rays then the air rubs water and the electricity of the sky, turns it into pieces and causes rain to fall.

The science already exists in Vedas.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 163, is as under –
Mantra 1:- God says that I remove your diseases pertaining to eyes, nose, ears, mouth, forehead, and head.

Mantra 2:- I remove the diseases pertaining to your nervous system and skeletal system etc.

Mantra 3:- I remove the diseases pertaining to your large intestines, rectum, heart, kidney, liver, spleen.

Mantra 4:- I remove the diseases pertaining to your both thighs, both knees, both ankles, both toes of the feet, hips, the bone of thigh and organs of generation.

God advises that the diseases if any, must immediately be removed by a learned doctor/medicines and his advise.

May 30, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 151, is as under:-

Mantra 1:- The holy fire in the bedi (Hawan Kund) is ignited with faith. The offerings (holy material of Hawan Samagri and Ghee) in the Yajna in holy fire are offered due to faith.

The meaning of Shradha = Shrat/Sad/Satya + Dha. Shrat means Truth. Dha means firm determination. The meaning of Shrat i.e., truth in Bhagwad Geeta Shlok 2/16 is the matter which never disappears nor is destroyed. Its existence is eternal. Eternal means the truth which was in past, exists in
present and will ever therefore remain in future unchanged by all means. The deep study of Vedas concludes that truths are – God, the Vedas emanate from God, Souls and Prakriti. So the meaning of Shradha is when after studying Vedas, doing Yajnas and practising Ashtang Yoga philosophy, when an aspirant becomes able to have his firm determination on God, Vedas, Souls and Prakriti by means of their eternal shape (formless), deeds, qualities, knowledge and nature etc; in addition, Shradha (faith) on the deeds, knowledge and worship mentioned in Vedas, therefore to have faith on Ved mantras, Yajna, Yoga philosophy. For example the above mantra says the fire in the Hawan kund to perform Agnihotra/Yajya is only possible to
ignite when an aspirant has faith on Vedas because Vedas say to perform Yajya and not man. A person will study Vedas only when he has listened Vedas and his faith has become firm on Vedas.

Now, if I will say that I have faith to worship an ocean, to think that My God is ocean then the formula will have to be made applicable on ocean that is ocean eternal, whether the ocean will remain forever? So is the case in respect of the other matters.

Mantra 2:- Shradha is always above all/Supreme. Therefore the speech based on “Shradha” is always successful. The donation based on ‘Shradha’ and the donation to Rishi-Munis in Yajya (because Yajya emanates from Shradha, i.e., God/Vedas) is always successful and beneficial to both donor and donee. Therefore the donation, Yajya and food which is taken based on Shradha is successful and beneficial to both donor and donee.

To know the real meaning of Shradha, one must study Vedas.

May 31, 2006
Today’s Vedic Preach on Rigveda Mantra by His Holiness, Swami Ram Swarup ji, Yogacharya.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 97, is as under:

Mantra 1:- Human being must be learned in medicines to become good Vadya (doctor). Mantra says that the vegetation/herbs are grown by taking power from Sun, Moon etc., in winters, monsoons and spring. This process is eternal. Mantra says that doctor/scientist must know about the best medicines grown first in the shape of herbs etc., which have been growing since the time of creation. They must know the proper production of the medicines and the use thereof an appropriate place of the body. Which type of disease is removed and how tonic etc, to give strength to the body, is produced, is also to be known.

Mantra 2:- The medicines are like a mother to cure the body. There are several types of medicines to be produced, as the medicine build up and take care of the body by all means.

Mantra 3:- Human being must be aware that the herbs, vegetation, food grains and fruits etc., are grown regularly so as to use them to keep the health good.

Mantra 4:- The doctor must be brilliant to cure the patient properly to make them healthy. The patient in return must pay back the doctor.

Mantra 7:- Some medicines are meant to cure the mental diseases, some are meant to correct the blood circulation, some are meant to strengthen respiratory system and are life-saving drugs.

Mantra 21:- Qualities of the medicines are listened traditionally.

There are so many mantras on the medical science which cannot be quoted here due to shortage of time. This shows that medical science already exists in Vedas.

The idea of Rigveda mantra, Mandal 10, Sukta 133, is as under-

Mantra 1:- In a war the army must be ahead of the king. So that the army can attack immediately on the enemy.

Mantra 2:- The king must be so powerful so that he can get rid of enemies and can give protection to the public. The public must love him.

Mantra 3:- The king must try to destroy the enemies. He must nurse the public by providing every facility like money, food etc. The enemies who attack like wild animals example- wolf, must be crushed completely. If a cruel section of public, or of own family of king tries to destroy the public then the king must crush him immediately. The king must try to spread the knowledge of Vedas in (the public) which is a cause of destruction of sorrows and attaining merriment.

The duties of a king, army etc., exist in Vedas.

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