Aim of human life or to say use of the human life or to say use of human body is one and the same. When every organ of the body does auspicious deeds as mentioned above the golden result to destroy sins and to kill all the result of the deeds (karamas) to be born by the soul is achieved which is called SAMADHI (realization of God). Because Yoga is also learn or done by use of human body with its every organ but the result of samadhi is awarded to soul. Same as an Army is fought for nation but the result of victory or defeat is awarded to king. Here also try to understand that the soul is having sign of life and therefore soul is conscious and on the other hand body made of five matter is senseless and is just as a material. To understand this theory of soul and body kathopnishada in third balli says:

“Know soul as master of chariot, where body of human is a chariot, the mind is a bridle, five organs of perception and five organs of action are horses. Beauty /image, taste ,smell touch and words, these five places are meant for the horses to graze”.

The soul in this process is one who bears the consequences. The Rishis/Munis says like this. Therefore the soul is separated and body is separate by all means. And we are soul and not body. To realize this fact the Yoga Education is required. This realization is achieved in samadhi by the power of Yoga. And to achieve the same we must work hard to study the right process where in we become able to get true knowledge to do auspicious deeds (Karamas) Secondly we must know the factual picture of such auspicious authentic deeds and thirdly the worship God in right way learning Yoga Education.

If this Vedic theory as quoted above, is faithfully adopted by main kind then we achieve the aim of life as under :-

a. By knowing about all the matter, technology, advanced science, proper use of matters etc. This also includes moral education, good conduct, high thinking and simple living including other several good qualities.

b. Worshipful life in Yoga Education to realize Almighty God.

The above has been the aim of human life. So we must work hard in this matter. As a matter of fact too Yajur veda mantra 48 chapter seven says:

“No body on earth can sit idle without doing deed or without having any desire.”

That is why the human being does the deeds and the result is awarded by God. So we must discharge our duties well, should do auspicious deeds for charity and learn Yoga Education to worship and realize God. This is the best use of human body and aim of human life.

Let us go ahead for Yoga Education, the best way of worship of Almighty God.