About Ved Mandir

Swami Ramswarupji, Yogacharya established Ved Mandir (ashram) at Yol, H.P in 1979 to revive eternal Indian culture comprising of divine four Vedas.

Since its establishment, Ved Mandir has endeavoured sincerely to seek the following objectives:
(1) To guide the aspirants regarding eternal method of chanting the name of God so that the aspirants attain sharp wisdom which is capable of understanding the deep knowledge of Vedas.
(2) It is a matter of both joy and pride that due to the sincere efforts made by Ved Mandir in awakening masses towards importance of yajyen/hawan that thousands of people have started performing daily Yajyen/hawan like Sri Ram, Mata Sita, Sri Krishna Maharaj and ancient Rishi-Munis. Inspiring people to do yajyen/hawan has in turn led to self-cleansing, knowing God better, establishment of peace and brotherhood at international level and removing pollution to a large extent.
(3) Daily four times Yajyen is performed in the morning and evening at this pious land.
(4) Performance of Yajyen and elaborate explanation of mantras of all four Vedas is done on Sunday, Monday, Amavasya (New moon day), Poornnima (full moon day) for public. Besides, in other weekdays also Yajyen is arranged for public to participate.
(5) The sixteen sanskars described in Vedas are actually performed in Ved Mandir which has led to inculcation of Vedic values in young children.
(6) Ved Mandir advocates the message of brotherhood for all. People are inspired to resort to pious, vegetarian food and education is given to leave non-vegetarian food and all sorts of addiction.
(7) Students are especially inspired to strengthen their character by observing hard Brahmacharaya (celibacy) and family holders are accordingly educated towards discharging their respective moral duties.
(8) A sincere effort has also been made by Ved Mandir to preach the aspirants regarding Vanprasth and Sanyaas. Ved Mandir has always been in forefront to work for social welfare.
(9) Swamiji's spiritual articles are regularly published in several publications of Delhi, J&K, H.P, Punjab and Rajasthan etc. These articles invariably carry the message to do pious deeds, discharge moral duties and also inculcate feeling of patriotism among masses.
(10) Swamiji has even visited abroad (Singapore, USA, Indonesia etc.) to spread Vedas' knowledge in the entire world and strengthen India's position culturally and morally.
(11) After each yajyen, aspirants are encouraged to clear their doubts, if any, by asking several questions to Swamiji.
(12) Swamiji gives complete education of Ashtang Yoga philosophy right from Yam, Niyam, Asan, Prannayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhayan and Samadhi, to the aspirants to enable them to follow the eternal path as was followed by dignitaries like Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj and several ancient Rishis.

For the purpose of making people wise through questions and answers, Swamiji is also accessible, free of cost, to entire world through ved mandir website. He also uses the medium of melodious Bhajan-Kirtan to praise God and give message of Brotherhood to all. Hence, Ved Mandir under the divine leadership of Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharaya has made sincere effort to awaken people towards spirituality and pious deeds.