Questions & Answers - May 20, 2011

RPK: One Question is Taunting me from sereral days that the are god revealed vedas Are Preserved as it is? Mhrshi Dayanand said they are! And I am very respectful to such great soul for his work But The Question is That we call Vajasaneyi Samhita as "yajurveda" in the present era only its madhyadhina shaka And the other "katha shakha" (on which sayana wrote commentary)are present, which differ a lot ( as both have different mantras ), Rigveda is only present in khilani shakha sanhita , atharva in saunakiya and pippalapada & saam in 3 shakha's.

Questions & Answers - May 19, 2011

BKB: Pranam Guruji, Charan Sparsh at your pious feet. With GOD's grace & your blessings we are fine and our worship is going on. Guruji, as informed earlier, I tried to give Vedas knowledge to my friends & colleagues of office and nearby.
Accordingly I was thinking to prepare one small presentation in Power point or Word Format in the form of Question & Answer in some attractive manner so as to awaken interest in readers to know Vedas & one and only almighty Formless GOD.

Questions & Answers - May 18, 2011

Rishi: Swamiji charan sprash,prabhu ki krpa se mere yahan beti ka janam hua hai. main ye janna chahta hun ki janam ke baad kaun kaun se sanskar vedon ke anusaar hain jo karwane chayiye aur swami ji agar ap meri beti ki rashi ke anusaar koi naam bata de to apkea atikrpa hogi. Om
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

My blessings to your loving daughter for a long, happy life.

Questions & Answers - May 17, 2011

BB: Honoured swamiji dear sir there is a young man in usa & has a following of hundreds of people who follow him. he is on facebook. do you think he will be the new avtar like lord krishna
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Avtarwad is not possible. As regards Sri Ram and Sri Krishan Maharaj, they were not avtars and in this regard, I paste one of my answers below:-


Questions & Answers - May 16, 2011

K Guruprasad: Crores of Pranams Maharajji. There are lot of videos in the website and I'm frequent visitor to this site for learning useful information. Today I came across one Video which shows that the person claims himself an Arya samaji and preaching very wrongly about the Satyartha prakash written by Swami Dayanandji.

Questions & Answers - May 15, 2011

Kumar: Respected Guruji, Shat shat parnaam. Thanks again for best teaching about True God & Vedic status. Your/Vedas teachings really provide real happiness(gad-gad hona)to me. I have some unclarity. If two epics Ramayana & Mahabharat are really true than Whether Lord Rama & Lord Kirshna are considered as GOD in these? If so, why can't we consider them as GOD?

Questions & Answers - May 14, 2011

Vishal: Namste Guruji, First thank you for clearing many doubts, I bother you again that I have listen a scholar that once upon a time Sukrat was going in his way then he mat a boy who was carrying a stick(Lakadi) of fire from a neighboring house, Sukrat asked him from where you were bringing this fire, Sukrat asked just in worldly sense but boy took it spiritually and boy extinguished the fire and told sukrat where fire has gone now. I could not understand what spiritually behind this quote.
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji. You are welcome, please.

Questions & Answers - May 13, 2011

Deepak: Swamiji charan sparsh i will always follow ved's way as you taught us, but still i would like to ask that i firmly beilve that we should not belive in janam patri etc, but somewhere i wan to ask that how come some pandit see janam patri and they say that in this age such person will get job or go abrod or will get good chance, or one will get married in such age and mostly so many times it happens,, like in my case few years back one pandit had told that i should stay away from share market any how, and really i tried so many times i always got loss..

Questions & Answers - May 11, 2011

MD: In my early life I was very spiritual, believed in God but the problem is more I believe more I feared that God will punish if I do this or that. Even I can't concentrate on my work and always I am worried and fearful. I feel very unlucky all bad things happened with me and I face failure in every front of my life between this I read Shri Bhagwat gita. one day I take a decision that I will do what ever I want and left every thing on God. I am ready for all good and bad things.

Questions & Answers - May 09, 2011

S: Namaste Swamiji,  Thank you for giving answers to my questions about what happens when we die. and where does our soul goes and how we take birth once we die and all. But Sir, I still want to ask u some more questions. b'coz still I am not able to believe on all this. As this is an hidden truth and no dead person comes and claims that yes, he is right or that information is right or wrong. Actually I want to know about these spirit messangers, are they genuine or not.

Questions & Answers - May 08, 2011

Jeevan Singh: Sat Sri Akal Swamiji....I really feel Sat-sangat is very important if we ever want to change our life....throught Sat-sangat(in any religion) throught our Guru we get so much knowledge which we never knew before....throught the teaching life it true that throught sat-sangat even our sin get wash away? my elder used to say only throught Sat-sangat will be like getting mercy from God....please share more of the meaning of Sat-Sangat with all of us.

Questions & Answers - May 06, 2011

Vishal: Namaste Guruji Ji, I am always grateful to you for clearing my doubts. Once again i humbly I ask you that In ramayan Ram prayers before sea to give him path (Rasta) to reach lanka. Sea is part of Matter (Jad)it can not feel I. Then how can he(Sea) listen the prayer of Rama. It is myth or real. & I have listen from a scholar such kind prayer towards Jud things (matter)contain in Veda Also. Is this true?