Questions & Answers - January 13, 2011

Anonymous: PRANAM, SWAMI JI, Thanks for answering my last question. I want to perform my yagneopavit ceremony by the method quoted by you,but my parents aren't favouring me in this matter. So what should I do?
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome, please. You may request your parents again and again to perform your yajyopaveet based on Vedic mantras. If, they do not agree then there is no alternative except to accept their custom.

Questions & Answers - January 11, 2011

S A: Swamiji pranam! Its been a long time now I haven't been in touch with you. Swamiji its been given to understand that in this modern times even vegetarian foods like tomatoes are genetically modified by injecting fish and pig pigments and other things. Similarly other vegetarian foods are engineered. If someone eats this engineered food accidentally then what happnes? If this is the case how does one maintain and know that he is vegetarian? Please Swamiji clear my doubt.

Questions & Answers - January 10, 2011

Madhukar: Dear Swami ji: Has Prarasuram cursed Keralites. Please let us know.
Swami Ramswarup: No, please. Parsuram did not curse keralities because such statement does not exist in true holy books like Valmiki Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Kiran: Namaste yoga acharya charna sparsh. In Valamiki Ramayana epic, Astanga yogi Hanumanji had studied Veda and did samadhi. Had he worshiped Rama (noun) who was king of Ayodhya or Mool Ram (formless God described in Veda)?

Questions & Answers - January 09, 2011

Anonymous: I heard about you from someone I know. She told me that I should ask you all about problems, and Swamiji will help you. I am very disturbed in life. Things have not gone right for me in my life. I am 40 years old. I also have financial issues. I have good intentions and want to give the best to my parents but there is a shortage of money. I am interested to get a job abroad in Singapore but I have no resources. My sister is old and is not married. My parents are worried. Please suggest the right path. I come with many hopes.

Questions & Answers - January 07, 2011

Sonia: What is OM means and how it related to Hinduism?
Swami Ramswarup: Om is the best name of Almighty God and has been stated in Vedas. Yajurveda mantra 40/15 States “Om krito Smar” i.e., Oh! Man do the name jaap Om. Hinduism is based on Vedas that is why, Om has concern with Hinduism.

Prince: Is there any way to increase height at the age of 25?
Swami Ramswarup: No, please. After attaining the age of 25 years, there remains no scope to increase the height.

Questions & Answers - January 06, 2011

K: I am in love with a guy who has a shani mangala yoga. I don't have that yoga. I was advised not to marry him, but since our relationship has run in to many long years im determined to marry him. Are there any remedies to minimize the affects of this yoga? Please give me an answer to this problem, for im really very helpless. may the the blessings of the triple gem be with you.

Questions & Answers - January 05, 2011

P: Namaste swamiji , mujhe bahut khushi huyi ki aapne mere sawaalo ka jawaab diya ..aap ki vjah se mujhe sacha gyaan milta hai ... thanx for that .. mujhe aapse apni behen ke baare mein koi solution puchna hai ....... meri behen ka nature , behaviour bahut kharaab ho gaya hai .... woh bahut gussa karti rehti hai humare upar ..... ghar mein kisi se bi pyaar se baat nai karti ,aur ladaai , kalesh karti hai ..... is vajah se humare ghar mein shaanti nai rehti ...

Questions & Answers - January 03, 2011

VS: I read ISKCON books or prabhu padha and some others. Ok here is my question, May be it is silly. Every one or Every book says, don't do bad always do the good. Now, I am confused here find what is good and bad. If Some one defines what is absolute good, then I can understand what is bad. But non defined the term good as per my availability of knowledge. Can you please elaborate on this subject. A little back ground about me. I want to be happy, and in search of real peace of mind and bliss.

Questions & Answers - January 02, 2011

V: Namaskaram, Thanks for the solution. I am now listening to the esoteric teaching of a learned. I am in USA. I think there is no way to buy your books from here. But i will try to get. I know gayathri mantra, I do not know Yajyen, can you please tell me about it and how to perform. Is Gayathri Mantra has to be chanted three time a day or three times in the morning?

My beliefs: 1) A thief is defined who keeps extra then required now for future.(Any thing, including punyam).
2) When you can't control the time then be controlled by the time?

Questions & Answers - January 01, 2011

Somya: Charan yandana guruji. Thank you very much for your answer. I acted on your advise and I truly got very good results. Thank you again. How can I control my mind and heart from going outside so that I can concentrate on my studies?
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. You are always welcome, please. To concentrate, the following measures are adopted.