Questions & Answers - April 29, 2011

Basant: You have written that those who attain dharmamegh samadhi can fly. physically or mentally? How can a human being fly?
Swami Ramswarup: Human-beings can never fly but Yogis who attain Samadhi become capable to keep their bodies above the earth. Yogi attains this power. But you see, Yogi is he who has been doing Ashtang Yoga practice, Yajyen, name jaap of God and listening to Vedas since several births and in one birth, he attains Samadhi as is also stated in Bhagwad Geeta shloka 7/19.

Questions & Answers - April 28, 2011

S: What is Brahmdosh? Someone told me my whole family has brahm dosh. There is no cure to that. person will die having all kinds of problems in life. Is it true?
Swami Ramswarup: There is no Brahma dosh mentioned in eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanate directly from God. Vedas as well as learned of Vedas clearly state that the views which do not tally with Vedas should be considered unauthentic and untrue.

Questions & Answers - April 27, 2011

Dave: Dear swamiji, I am a great fan of yours. And I just wanted to ask you that when ishwar reveals Vedas to four rishis on this planet then what about the other planets where there is human life? do they also get the same Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Thank you, please.

Almighty God has created three lokas i.e., Prithivi Lok (the earth), Antariksh Lok (space) and Dyulok (celestial bodies emitting light).

Questions & Answers - April 25, 2011

K S: Param pujiye priye gurujee. Aap ke paawan charno me saadar pranaam. Aap ke har jawab ke liye bahut dhanyawaad Guruji kya aap ki kisi kitaab mein pranayaam aur dhyaan ki vidhi hai? Mujhe agar march ke baad avsar mila toh aap ki kripa se aap ke darshan ko phir se aaunga. Guruji mera prashan hai ke
1. Shree krishan ka yudh bhoomi me viraat roop kya sach hai. Agar yogeshwar sri krishan bhagwaan nahi the toh unhone arjun ko bhagwaan ki anubhooti viraat roop se kaise karwaai.

Questions & Answers - April 23, 2011

Jiwesh: Shadar parnaam Guru ji hum me aapko kuch sawal mail kya tha 3/4 din paheli aap ka jawab ka intazar kar rha hu .. kahi aap mere sawal se naraz toh nahi hai na plz tel me im really worried i want to know so plz guru ji reaply me as soon as possiable i really just come out of all this bad thoughs thanking you Parnaam Guru ji
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Aap chinta na karein aap ke sawalon ke jawab de diya gaya hai. Kabhi kabhi jawab deiney mein deri avashya ho jati hai kyunki Ved Mandir mein adhyatmik kaam bahut zyada hain.

Questions & Answers - April 22, 2011

Deepak: Swamiji charan sparsh. Swamiji yeh vedmandir kee site me agar hindi bhasha me jankaree hogi to har varg ke log pad sakenge.. YEH SARI JANKARE AGAR HINDI ME TRANSLATE HO JAYEE TO AAM JANTA TAK VEDVANI PAHUNCH JAAEGI DHANYAVAD
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Aapka sujhava hamein achcha lagaa hai. Iske liye hum zaroor parayatan kareingey.

Arun: Thank you very much.
Swami Ramswarup: You are welcome, please.

Sham Lal Sharma releases Vedic magazine - Ved Ishwariya Vani

Minister for Health, Sham Lal Sharma on 17th April 2011 released the first edition of the magazine based on Vedic teachings- Ved Ishwariya Vani, in a well attended function held here on 17th April 2011 afternoon.

Published from City of Temples, the magazine has well thought and research based articles contributed by spiritual Guru, learned scholars and followers of Swami Ram Swarupji Yogacharya.

An initiative of Swami Ram Swarupji Yogacharya, the magazine was released following Vedic traditions amidst chanting of mantras.

Questions & Answers - April 20, 2011

Deepak: SWAMIJI CHARAN SPARSH ONE OF MY FRIEND was saying he follow guruji , who gave him guru mantra, which I personally feel against of Veds, still he was saying that he see om in sky and trishul in sky, and while he just chant that mantra he start getting too much vibrations and go in samadhi, I explained him about Ved , havan etc. he said that this is only first stage, in finally one have to go in thoughtless state, please can you explain I will send your mail to him ,, thanks very much
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Questions & Answers - April 17, 2011

Vijay: Swamiji, Thanks for reply. Pls accept my deepest regards to you for your knowledge & teachings on Vedas. Vedas being mool-roop of knowledge, can make us like seed makes a tree. However, since excess of anything is said to be bad, I add "of either side whether positives or negatives". In other sense, we can consider Devas as positieves & rakshasa as negatives.