Questions & Answers - October 09, 2013

Bhumika: Krishan bhagwan ke shri gurudev ka naam
Swami Ramswarup: Sri Krishan Maharaj ke guruji ka naam Sandeepani Rishi tha, weh un Rishi ke ashram mein Sudama ke sath vedic shiksha prapt karte thei.

Varun: Pranam Guru ji, I wanted to know that while sitting in meditation should one allow what ever thoughts are coming or should one strive to resist them. Specially if the thoughts that arise are negative what should one do(knowledge of arousal of negative thoughts sets a feeling of fear in the mind). Please guide me Pranam guru ji.

Questions & Answers - October 08, 2013

Mahayogi: Swami ji Namaste In vedas, the word Sanyas and Parivrajak is not mentioned. I think it's creation of humans. I know it's mentioned in upanishads but vedas are word of God. Why getting rid of Lokaishna Vitteshna and Putreshna is not mentioned in Vedas ? Sanyasashram is human's creation.
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji. In Vedas word “Yati” is mentioned (Samved mantra 954) the meaning of which is sanyaasi. In Rigved mantra 8/24/26 Sanyaas word is also mentioned.

Questions & Answers - October 07, 2013

Supra: Thank you so much for answering my question. Yes, what you said seems to be right but I read somewhere in my findings that this yog will be with those people who have done some bad deeds in their past life. (Kaal Sarp Yog)
Swami Ramswarup: You are welcome, my daughter.

I think , I’ve already quoted Yog shastra Sutra 1/7 which preaches that to know truth one has to consider one of the four proofs i.e.,


Pratyaksh Pramaan

Questions & Answers - October 06, 2013

Sagar: Swamiji pranam! Swamiji in one of your recent answers you mentioned that Swami Dayanand ji got vairagya by seeing death,and also because of his past karmas. Swamiji would it be possible to know what actually is vairagya. What happens when one gets vairagya. swamiji I want to express couple of things when I listen to anything about Swami Dayanandji his life story and what he did for spreading the vedic knowledge I always have tears in my eyes exactly like when I listen to your Vedvani songs. Swamiji also following vedas does it generate deshbhakti?

Questions & Answers - October 05, 2013

G B: Have you finished your Bhagavad Gita in English yet?
Swami Ramswarup: Task is lengthy, so Bhagwad Geeta in English will take more time to finish.

Questions & Answers - October 04, 2013

Rakesh: Pranam swamiji .i wan met u to learn everything astangyog, Vedas etc.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. You are always welcome here. For the route or any other detail, you may contact the indicated disciple. Boarding and Lodging are always free here.

K: Dear Swamijee gaaru, I am Suffering from Severe Dandruff. I used so allopathic Medicine and Homeo Medicine. But it is not left. Please do me favour.

Questions & Answers - October 03, 2013

Manoj Goswami: Swamiji namaskar, I can not understand meaning of word "vikarma" which is from Geeta. Please give clarification on this word.
Swami Ramswarup: Namaskarji. Vikarma are the deeds which are against the Vedas. Almighty God has not told us to do the deeds against the Vedas. To do the deeds according to the Vedas are called pious deeds and the deeds done against the Vedas are called impious deeds i.e., sins.

Questions & Answers - October 02, 2013

R: Sat-sat pranam guruji..pichle char saal (4 years) se mein ek ladki se bhut pyar kerta hoon or vo bhi, magr aaj baat iss kader ho gayi hai ke vo mere alaava kissi or se bat kerti hai or mujhse nhi, mtlb vo ek tarah se mujhse door ho gayi hai.

Questions & Answers - October 01, 2013

Abhishek: Namaskar manushya ko vedo k anusar kaam bhavna or bhog ka kis prakar se apne jeevan me iska acharan palan karna chahiye ?
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji. Aapka question ek bada answer mangta hai. Yahaan zyada bada answer nahin diya ja sakta. Phir bhi main thode mein samjhane kee koshish karta hoon.

Questions & Answers - September 30, 2013

R: Swami ji maine aapko padha aap par visvaas hua hai. Mera bhai ne last month suicide kr liya. Usse koi pareshani nahee thi. Main aur mera poora pariwaar mar mar k jee rahe usse wapas pane ki dua kr rahe hain. Hum apne bhai ko kaise wapas pa sakte hai? Kya wo hume sun sakta hai? Dekh sakta hai? Kya hum usse baat kr sakte hai? Wo mujhse chota tha. Meri maa ka bura haal hai.. Swami ji mujhe raasta dikhye please.

Questions & Answers - September 29, 2013

Kartik: R/Sir, please send us 2 sloks of each vedas, as I am trying to searching from google but I am unable to get it. Hence I am requesting you to arrange to send me.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Rigved mantra:-


Questions & Answers - September 28, 2013

Sanjiv: Guru ji Pranaam, first of all let me thank one of friends who have associated me with Great Guru like You ,which is really very rare to find in this age. For the last almost 3 months ,I am performing the daily havans in the Morning & chanting the Mantras as prescribed in your book "Sandhya Mantras " but probably not with the proper tone & clarity as experienced while performing havan in your presence at Yol.

Questions & Answers - September 27, 2013

Sudha: Sita ke father ka nam?
Swami Ramswarup: Raja Janak, Sita ke pita the.

Ramakanth: Is Om praising himself in vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Om is the best name of ALMIGTHY God. So, Human-being do jaap of Om (Name of God). Om does not praise Himself in Vedas.

Rakesh: Swamiji, I need your aashirwad. I read you every book, I am fully satisfied.
Swami Ramswarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my son for a long, happy life.

Rakesh: Pranam swamiji. kon sa manther padu to get satisfaction?

Questions & Answers - September 26, 2013

Harshad: Pranam Guruji. I have confuction on "There is only one God or there is no God". I think Lord Krushna is a supreme power. Lord Krushna was to be belived to be a powerful and spiritual personality by many learned people, like Vidurji, Bhishma, etc. Lord Krushna had shown his true nature when he went as "SHANTI-DUT" before war of MAHABHARAT. Moreover,if He stated that I incarnate "Yuge Yuge" that means he, being PURUSHOTTAM, was not lying. Many other scriptures also confirm about Incarnation of God. The question is whether Lord Krushna was one of incarnations of God?

Questions & Answers - September 25, 2013

Ravi: Why are we born ignorant of everything? Was intelligence awarded to us or it happened by chance?


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