Questions & Answers - October 05, 2011

Hitesh: Types of knowledge according to "shanti sukh, santushti"?
Swami Ramswarup: Shanti and Sukh lies within Almighty God. So, until we worship according to eternal knowledge of Vedas, we cannot get peace or happiness. Rigveda states that without worship of God, there can be no peace. Without knowledge of Vedas, no knowledge of almighty God. Similarly, in the absence of learned acharya, nobody can gain Vedas’ knowledge.

Anamika: Pranam swamiji .. I have two daughters. Could you please tell me any mantras for having a son?

Questions & Answers - October 04, 2011

Lalit: Swamiji Please mention with meaning 4-5 Sanskrit words which have different meaning. Like you have mentioned at various places sandhava means salt and horse both. Pranam
Swami Ramswarup: 1) Peya means both water and milk.
2) Agni means both fire and in several ved mantras Agni means God or learned acharya.
3) Surya means sun as well as omnipresent God.
4) Brihaspati means both God and learned acharya.

Questions & Answers - October 03, 2011

Anonymous: Swamiji charan sparsh swamiji aapne mere ek prashan ke uttar me kaha hai ki jo vyakti havan, yoga ,naaam jaap ,vagairah nahee karta us par vishwaas karna mushkil hai , lekin aajkal to 90% log vedo ke raste par nahee chaltey ,to jeevan me kaise un logo ke saath raha jaaega ,,,mere charon taraf log non veg khatey hai , shayad ek bhee vyakti ved ke rastey par nahee chal raha mere charo taraf to muje kyaa karna chahiye

Questions & Answers - September 29, 2011

Ajit: Guruji Sadar Pranam!
Request yourself to enlighten us on the virtues of ATMA. What happens when an ATMA leaves the body, whether it remains alogside the body and observe the reaction of people.
2.What is the difference in ATMA[soul] when it enters in body [in the womb] and leaves the body [at the time of death]? Is there any value addition due the karmas done by the person? Whether knowledge, memories, relationships mean anything to ATMA after leaving the body.
3. What should we do to make our beloved forefathers happy ?

Questions & Answers - September 28, 2011

J P Singh: Pratah vandaniya param pujya Guruji maharaj ko sashtang pranam. Guruji maharaj I am doing daily agnihotra,study of your books and name jap of the God as told by you. I am 57 years old and doing practice of Vajrasan for 15 minutes,Sidhasan for 30 minutes and Padmasan upto 3 to 5 minutes which has been started recently. In this age doing this type of practice will not harm me. Please guide me. I am doing all this in the favour of yours. Thanking you.

Questions & Answers - September 25, 2011

Anonymous: Namaste Gurji Please translate these Mantra
1. Shavek Kapirivek Kumar........Viryavata. [Atharvaved 4:37:11]
2. N Va u Tanva tanvam..............vastachetet. [Rigveda 10:10:12]
3.Hiranya panthan aastritrani........niravahan. Atharvaved Kaand 5; Sookt 4; Mantras 3-5]
Please translate these mantra word by word many fanatics demeaning Veda by there wrong translation.

Questions & Answers - September 24, 2011

Rashmi: Pujya Guru ji, Maharaaj pranaam and charan sparsh, I hope you have received the article written by us. Guruji maharaaj could you please send/give me the mantras to be recited for punasavan sanaskaar. Further I have a request for you to consider could you please write a book on all 16 sanskaars, with details of all mantras to be recited during these pious occasions with meaning preferably. As you Know Out of millions and millions one become a Rishi by intense tapasya, mostly today truth is not known to even brahmins. Not everbody is fortunate to have the guidance of a Rishi.

Questions & Answers - September 23, 2011

ARM: I have a very sharp inclination towards spirituality ; but i am struck in one question for which i am not able to find the proper answer. Question: "Why god has created us ? In Rig veda it is mentioned god will to create universe; But why god need to will something when he is complete. I meant if somebody is incomplete then only he desires something. Does that mean god was not happy alone, before creating us? or he created just for fun? " I would be obliged if you can

Questions & Answers - September 22, 2011

Anonymous: I am finding Gayatri mantra hard. Should I do one that I find easy to recite?
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. My daughter, Almighty God has made fundamentals of universe in the shape of four Vedas. In one of those fundamentals which should also be learnt by human-being attentively. Almighty God states that-

“Huge mountains, flowing rivers, oceans, sky and even Rishi-munis and yogis, who have realized Me(God), have also no power to change any of my fundamentals.(in this connection Rigveda mantra 3/56/1 refers).