Questions & Answers - June 08, 2011

Devesh: I am recent member on this website. I am an engineer by profession. I have been scientifically inclined, and an aryasamaji by birth, i.e. my father is an astute Arya samaji. I also agree to lots of his teachings which are logical. But there are few things which I disagree to being a science student. I would like to have a long discussion with you on many topics.

Questions & Answers - June 07, 2011

S: Pranam Swamiji!!Is it possible that the garbhadan sanskar can be performed by normal yagyan.or it has to be performed in the prsence of a yogi.swamiji pls advice if i want to do garbhadhan sanskar here in london is it possible.? I want to do it but my wife is not convinced or she does not take these things seriously...swamiji pls advice how do i go about this?
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Garbhadhan sanskar can be performed by any arya samaj Purohit, who can be located locally in an arya Samaj mandir. Especial ved mantras are recited and aahutis are offered.

Questions & Answers - June 06, 2011

M D: Namaset Guruji, me ye poochna chata hu ki, aapne kha ki hum is janam me to mushkilo ka samn aker rahe hai vo pichle janam k kermo ka fal hai, to kya is janam k karmo ka fal is janam me nahi milta? kyu ki bhaut baat dekha hai ki bure admi ka sath kabhi na kabhi bura hota hi hai to hum aisa bolte hai ki sab isi janam me bhugtna padta hai?
dusri baat - kya sharab pina galat hai? kyu ki agar hum sharab pi ker kisi ko koi nuksan nahi pouchate hai to fir vo galat kaise hua? non veg khana galat hai kyu ki haum usse dusre jaiv ko marte hai.

Questions & Answers - June 03, 2011

Vishal Kumar: Namaste Guruji, How can we say in inception of universe there were in thousands of number male & female send down to earth not single pair. Please clear my query from Vedic aspect & scientifically & logically. our society. We wish this magazine to reach millions of people with your blessings. Further, we at this occasion give our pranam to your Pujya Guruji Baba Bankhandidasji Maharaj who inspired you to spread knowledge of Vedas to we people residing in Grihasthashram.

Questions & Answers - June 01, 2011

Rajesh: Thanks for replying me, after long gap I am messaging about Yoga Asana....after completion of all asana at last the headstand-shirshasana I question is
1. The Headstand - Shirshasana, can I do this asana Morning and evening........
2. Is there any problem doing this asana two times......
3. How can I get strength and balance will doing shirshasans..without wall support...
4. How years it required to get in grip both strength and balance....

Questions & Answers - May 30, 2011

Arun: Bhagavat geeta Chapter 17.28 (the last verse of chapter seventeen) reads 'Asraddaya hutam ca tat pretya no iha' 'Asraddha daanam' will not do any good in this world as well as coming world - janma'. I admit this statement whole heartedly. Taithireeyopanisad - Shiksha valli 11 anuvaka reads ' sraddaya deyam asradhaya deyam'. Swami Dayananda translated this in satyarthaprakash ' Why this scriptural difference in two seperate books? Which is the correct one geeta or upanisad? If both are correct what is bhava behind?

Questions & Answers - May 29, 2011

Manoj Kumar: Namaste Guru Ji...! Guru Ji, Mokash kya hai? aur is ke baad aatma khan jati hai? SAMSAARA kya hai? Atma kya hai? aur Samaadhi kya hai?, ye kese milti hai? Kya ye sab kuch dunya ke har religion mai hota hai? Hari OM TAT SAT
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji. Aapke prashna vedon kee gehari, gambhir aur anaadi vanni se sambandhit hain jinka poorna vivrann yahaan nahin diya ja sakta. Han, sankshape mein yeh hai kee-

Questions & Answers - May 28, 2011

S C: Pranama Guruji, I have been doing Gayatri Japa everyday in the form of Sandyavandhanam. I do about 200 Gayatri everyday. It has tremendously helped me to improve my health and retentive power. Please suggest me what is the required number of Gayatri Japa one should do everyday to strengthen his spirituality. But I am having this problem where my mind comes with brilliant ideas however it gets clouded when it comes to execution. It makes me lazy, and sometimes make me to get vairagya kind of attitude.

Questions & Answers - May 25, 2011

Rohan: What about Hindu dharam ladies ke dwra anthim sanskar?
Swami Ramswarup: Vedon mein antim sanskar kanya/nari karne ka adhikaar rakhtee hai.

Deepak: Swamiji charan sparsh i kindly request you give me blessings please to open new business venture , whatever will be good for me ...... i am confused that what to start and how to start , i can not take decision, i want if u bless me from there please ,, i trust formless god and you alot ,, i know if u will like anything for me and it will happen automatically here with me you son