Questions & Answers - April 04, 2011

Aseem: Pujya Guruji, Kundlini (shakti) kya hoti hai, kya iska varnan Vedon mein hai? Agar yeh shakti hai to kya aur bhi aisi shaktiyan hoti hain aur kaun si? Riddhi aur Siddhi kya hoti hain? Kya Maa Durga, Ambe shaktiyan hain like unlimited different manisfestations / powers of the Almighty God Himself? Mantra (uccharan) hamein kaise affect karte hai ya phir nahin..hamein aisa kyun agta hai?

Questions & Answers - April 03, 2011

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, I want to know is it compulsory to make guru. As I am reading on Agniveer Site it is not compulsory. They commented that Ishwar is Guru of all. So, it is not necessary to make Guru to get Moksha or realization of God.. If someone find a suitable man worthy for being guru than O.K. otherwise God is the First & Last Guru of All. And who were the guru of first four Rishsi who get the knowledge of Veda, not other than Only God. Please clarify your comments on the matter.
Swami Ramswarup: Namasteji.

Questions & Answers - April 02, 2011

K: Swamiji we are two sisters and we don't have any brother, can son-in-law do the agnidah? If he did it what will happen? Please guide me?

Questions & Answers - April 01, 2011

K S: Guru mahraj ki jai. Aap ko koti koti pranam mere swami ji. Ye lines aap ke article prakriti se hain. At an appropriate time, a power of Almighty God acts in prakriti (i.e., in Raj, tam and satva gunnas). Immediately the process of creation starts and the first matter of prakriti is made which is called “Mahat i.e., mind; from Mahat- ahankar is made, from ahankar panch (5) tan matrayein, from panch (5) tanmatrayein, panch (5) mahabhoot are created.

Questions & Answers - March 31, 2011

Updesh: Guru ji, you told in one of your previous answers that humans are vegetarians and also told that the manu smriti ch5 v.30,31,49 and mahabharat anushasan parva ch88 they are false verses. Let for the sake of argument we agree to these points. But now let us go to the books which have highest authority in hindu religion The "VEDA's".

Questions & Answers - March 30, 2011

Anonymous: I am in my 40s. I am under depression that when ever I give my attention towards, God my mind changes from one thinking to another. Now I have some experience that when I sit for meditation, some black colour and smoke colour moves around while closing eyes.

Questions & Answers - March 29, 2011

Rahul: What is meant by dasham dwar according to Vedas?
Swami Ramswarup: Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/43 tells about nine dwar but by the present sant mat, 10th dwar is also told which is between two eyebrows(Agyachakra).

UPASANA (Eternal Worship)

All four Vedas, preach us three divine educations i.e., Gyankand (Rigveda) Karma kand(Yajurveda) and Upasana Kand(Samveda).

Upasana i.e., Worship of God has especially been taught in Samveda. That is why, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj himself praises Samveda in Bhagwad Geeta Shloka 10/22 saying Oh! Arjun, “ Vedanaam Samvedaha Asmi” i.e., in all four Vedas , I’m Samveda. Worship and the science of music, including singing of spiritual bhajans etc., is also preached in Samveda. The description of one Samveda mantra pertaining to worship (Tapasya) is mentioned below:-

Questions & Answers - March 28, 2011

Rishi: Swamiji Charan sparash, Ishwar ki krpa se mere yahan beti hui hai. krpa karke uska naam bata de..aur kaun kaun se sankaar hote hain vedon ke anusaar janam ke baad.. uski mallish ke liye koi oil bhi bata dijiye.. Om Shanti.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you and my heartiest blessings to your loving daughter. You may choose any Vedic name from following:-

1. Sumedha – achchi buddhi wali.

2. Kavya – Prasann chitta rehney wali.

3. Rishika – ved mantron ka gyan rakhne wali.

Questions & Answers - March 27, 2011

Vinay Arya: A so-called saint, Sant Rampal ji Maharaj has alleged that Maharashi Dayanand was addicted to bhang. Arey aisey dushton koi tou khatma karo? Maharshi per aarop kya aap sahan kar saktein?
Swami Ramswarup: You see, several criticisms are passed on to Sri Ram and Sri Krishna maharaj, Yudhishthir, mata Sita etc., but you know truth prevails. Swami Dayanandji was a great Rishi who awakened the people about learning eternal knowledge of Vedas. He also awakened the people to be away from blind faith.

Questions & Answers - March 26, 2011

Aniq: Hi Swamiji, Thanks for answer one more question Why in Hindus doing idol worship, why it is in only India,why 300 crores Gods?

Questions & Answers - March 25, 2011

B: Pranam Guruji, Charan sparsh at your pious feet from all of us. Yesterday afternoon we reached home from Ved Mandir with comfort. Guruji, we are very thankful and grateful to you and all member of Ved Mandir for taking such a great care of all of us. Our feeling cannot be described in words. Guruji, “Aap atyant kripalu aur dayalu hain jo aap ne humain diksha di aur hamari prarthna swikar ki.” It was our great pleasure to listen Vedas from you and its explanation.

Questions & Answers - March 24, 2011

A: Me bahut nirash ho gaya hu exam ko lekar mujhse padhai karte nahi ban raha he meri manik sthiti aur sharirik sthiti bigad rahi he mujhe rasta dikhao

Questions & Answers - March 23, 2011

Aseem: Saadar Pranam Guruji, Though you haven't answered any of my queries, I am getting a lot of answers from your esteemed articles and question answers on various aspects of Vedas. I feel bad when I see your articles pasted on other sites with credit to someone else. It's not good.....
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Questions & Answers - March 22, 2011

Alvin: Aap ke shub charnon mein pranaam guruji, Actually this question has been asked several times on this website and I also have searched for the answer, but as yet it is still unclear to me. I hope you can clarify in some detail please.

The question is about Raja Dashrath and his Three wives.

In the past you have said and I quote:-