Questions & Answers - March 01, 2011

SG: Pranam Guru ji, God says that the uptill mid 20's humans should follow bhramcharaya. Does that put limitations on man woman relations if yes to what extent? thank you.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you. Not mid 20 only but according to Vedas, uptil 25, 33 and 44 years of age one should maintain Brahmacharya as per his capability but not less than twenty five years. Then only he would be able to be a faithful citizen by attaining education etc. Further, I paste my another article-

Questions & Answers - February 28, 2011

HR: Dear swamiji, what is dashkriya vidhi, and meaning of performing 11th 12th and 13th day after death of a person? Are the well defined in Hindu dharma? Please guide me. I am confused aboutvperforming them. My father has expired recently, and need your guidance before I go ahead in performing these rituals.

Questions & Answers - February 27, 2011

S V: Dear Swami Ramswarup Ji, I found your website through a google search. I am a student in US. I have had a very hard year in my life and wanted to find peace. Are there any mandirs near my state where I can stay and volunteer? I find that in this crucial time of my life, I would like to become closer to God and understand Hinduism in more depth. I find myself reaching a very unstable, unhappy place and I would like to regain my strength. Are there any programs or places that I would be able to donate my time in helping others? Thank you for your time.

Questions & Answers - February 26, 2011

A L: I would like to get 4x VCD , video procedure for performing hawan, as mentioned by Guruji in Question and Answers on this website. Bahaut Dhanaywaad.
Swami Ramswarup: The required VCDs are being sent to you, please. My blessings to you.

Questions & Answers - February 25, 2011

A: Pujya GURUJI, Dandwath Pranaam! GURUJI, mera ek prashn hai, jo ke VEDAS DIVINE LIGHT-PART 3 se hai. In that Page no.5, ek prashn aata hai which is as follows. Oh learned acharya! Tell me the first eternal, most subtle item in this world? Ans: Oh aspirant! The electric light (Dyuhu-Vidyut Prakash) is the first eternal, most subtle item in this world. Mera prashn ye hai GURUJI, ke how can electricity be eternal. Mujhe thoda samjh mei toh aaraha hai ke electricity eternal q hai par its not so clear to me.

Questions & Answers - February 24, 2011

Rajinder Arya: प्रश्न : बसंत पंचमी पर्व का क्या महत्व है यज्ञ में कोनसे मन्त्रों से आहुति देनी चाहिए | बसंत ऋतू कब प्रारंभ होती है? धन्यवाद { शुभ चिन्तक

Questions & Answers - February 23, 2011

SB: Please tell me if I am a manglik or not?
Swami Ramswarup: In this connection, please contact local pandit and he will tell you about mangalik matter. However, in Vedas the said subject is not mentioned. I also paste my article in this regard-

About Mangalik

Questions & Answers - February 22, 2011

A: According to you God is formless and minutest. My question is what is the size of God? What is the nature of Gods omnipresence. I mean how God manage to be present everywhere at the same time?

Questions & Answers - February 21, 2011

Aman: Is space God? According to a so-called saint Space is God as we cannot touch it, it can not be seen, it cannot be destroyed. It is the farthest and also nearest. It is holding everything in the universe. It is the creator, destroyer, preserver, etc. Could you please clarify it to me?

Questions & Answers - February 20, 2011

Aman: What is Mukti? Is Mukti Permanent? How a soul enjoys the mukti without body?
Swami Ramswarup: In this regard I paste my article:-

Feeling of salvation

Salvation means eternal merriment but it is attained first by listening knowledge of Vedas deeply from an Acharya, performing daily havan/yaj, name-jaap and practice of Ashtang yoga. The result of the said worship, is awarded by God and a yogi attains Asamprgyat (Dharmmegh) Samadhi.

Questions & Answers - February 19, 2011

Sourabh: Mere priyey guruji. Aadar aur prem bhaav bhara mera pranam apne paavan charno me swikaar karein.. Mera prashan hai k kya insaan ki aatma insaan ka hi roop le ke janam leti hai? Aur agar aisa nahi hai toh kayi log apna pichla janam kaise yad rakhte hain? Guru ji mai gayatri mantra ka jap va havan aap ki kripa se karta hun dono samay. Per mera dhyaan achhe se nahi lagta. Havan karyakram karne se pehle main aap ke foto se prarthna karta hun ke mujh per kripa karen. Guru ji mujhe hmesha lagta hai ke aap mere saath ho..

Questions & Answers - February 18, 2011

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, I forget to ask in my previous question that for doing Havan Ghee is required. I live in Delhi And we use Ghee of Market. You know this Ghee is not as pure as Cow milk Ghee found in villages. So, can I use the ghee as available in market. I am bit confused. Because whatever found in City is less pure than villages commodities. Please guide me.

Questions & Answers - February 17, 2011

Vishal: Namaste Guriji, Charan Sparsh, I am Vishal from Delhi. I have got your Books Geeta Ek Vedic Rahasya Part 1 & your Bhajan CD. Guruji I have query that in present days many people organise Ram Katha, Sunder kand, Bhagawat katha etc but I want Vedic Parvachan like this. Do you have any CD of Vedic Parvachan. If not please Prepare a CD of Vedic Parvachan in your voice. 2) Guruji when I was reading your book Geeta Ek Vedic Rahasya Part one you have mention many places Dasrath as a noble man.

Questions & Answers - February 16, 2011

R J: Namaste, I have got all the books that you mentioned in English.
Swami Ramswarup: Namaste. You are most welcome, please. Really, I shall feel personal pleasure if you go through the books because I’m sure books shall give you immense knowledge and would help you to destroy illusion, misunderstanding as regards religion, sects, etc.

Questions & Answers - February 15, 2011

Anonymous: I am an engineer. I was a happy and contented individual and strong belief in God. Last year some of my colleagues told me bad about shiva lingam and I did not react that time. But when I was with my wife together, thought came about that and disturbed that how come God can be human parts and from that moment I got disturbed. When this started I started see all materials badly comparing with human body parts and co-relating with Gods. Whenever I see some articles(whatever we use and do), I feel that I am putting on God.