Questions & Answers - January 12, 2013

Sandeep: Kindly suggest me name of my daughter.
Swami Ramswarup: Some names for girl baby:
1. Sumedha – achchi buddhi wali.
2. Kavya – Prasann chitta rehney wali.
3. Rishika – ved mantron ka gyan rakhne wali.
4. Manisha – ved mantron aur vidya ka manan karne wali.
5. Jyoti- divine light.
6. Jaya- The winner.
7. Jaanati- one who has good understanding.
8. Jigeesha- Winner.
9. Jeevdhanya- who takes care of children.
10. Juhi- A flower with sweet fragrance.

Questions & Answers - January 11, 2013

Tarun: Swami ji pranam kya vedic kaal me kshatriya meat khate the yadi nahi to shikar kyno karte the jaise shri dasrath ji bhi sikar karne gaye the aur unka baan shravan ko lag gaya tha
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Nahin vedic kaal mein kshatriya non-veg nahin khate the. Weh shikar gaon walon kee complaint sunkar karte the. Gaonwale unhein kahte the ki jungali jaanwar adamkhor hinsak ho gaye hain, kheton ko nasht karte hain itiyadi, tab weh unkee raksha ke liye hinsak pashu ko marne ke liye jaate the.

Questions & Answers - January 10, 2013

Chidananda: Translation of these verses which is demonized in Islamic sites. RV 3.53.14, RV 8.70.11, RV 1.130.8, RV 10.22.8, AV 8.8.7, RV 1.176.4, 1.51.9, 2.12.5, 8.100.3, 5.33.3, 4.30.18, 10.83.1, 6.44.17. Sir, I need translation of above verses. Please its my kind request to give appropriate translation of this.
Swami Ramswarup: Being a lengthy task, please send your postal address to send the meanings of requisite ved mantras in Hindi. However, the ideas of mantras are as under-

Questions & Answers - January 09, 2013

G M: My fiancee is manglik. Can I marry her?
Swami Ramswarup: Yes, you can marry her, without any doubt, because mangalik matter does not exist in Vedas.


Questions & Answers - January 08, 2013

Tarun: Swami ji pramam jab bhagwan kuch bhi kar sakte hain to kyo manav form bhi le sakte hain
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.

Bhagwan kuchh bhi kar sakte hain ka arth yeh hota hai ki weh apne banaye hue niyam jo vedon mein kahe hain unse alag kuchh nahin kareinge (Yajurveda mantra 1/5 refers).

Isliye weh manav nahin ban sakte kyunki Rigveda mantra 6/50/14 mein saaf kaha hai ki Ishwar- -
“Ajah Ek Paat” gunn wala hai. Ajah ka arth hai, Weh janam-marann mein nahin aatey isliye manushya ka roop nahin ley sakte.

Questions & Answers - January 07, 2013

Ritesh: Swamiji Pranaam.While I am still waiting for your answers of my earlier questions, more things are coming in my mind, and for few things I am being impatient so asking you again.
1. What is the procedure one should follow for evening yajyen, if one wants to perform it without bath.
2. Yajyen which your described with Gaytri mantra is that for Material success or spiritual success?
3. What does Brahamcharya means for married house holder?

Questions & Answers - January 06, 2013

Truth Seeker: Sorry swami ji but I do not get your point. We should have dignity for ourselves. Opposite of abhiman is guilt. Those who don't do abhiman are trapped in guilt, anybody can defeat them. Self respect and self confidence are necessary for achieving anything. Can you show one mantra from vedas that says to not have dignity or self respect? If someone attacks our ego what should we do?

Questions & Answers - January 05, 2013

Hema: Pranam swamiji, kindly tell me the exact method to awaken sushmana. I will be very grateful to you. I have tried to search a lot but there are no methods available as such. Thanks and I seek blessings from you.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.


Questions & Answers - January 04, 2013

Chiransh: Swami ji. A Muslim frd of mine had asked me a ques. which I am copying and pasting it here. Please send me its reply as soon as possible.

मै जब छोटी सी थी तब मैंने मुर्ख ब्रह्मिनो के कॉमिक्स बुक से एक हनुमान की कहानी सुनी थी !उस कहानी में ये बताया गया था की छोटा हनुमान तपते हुए सूरज के गोले को हाथ में लेकर खेल रहा था ,फिर जब मुर्ख ब्रह्मिनो के हनुमान का खेलते खेलते दिल भर गया तो वो उस सूरज को फल समझ कर खा जाता है !

Questions & Answers - January 03, 2013

Hariom: Ramayana ki rachana kis nadi ke kainare Valmiki gi ne ki thi?
Swami Ramswarup: Saryu nadi ke kinare apne ashram mein Maharishi Valmikiji ne Valmiki Ramayan kee rachna kee thee.

K: My question is that instead of my all best efforts I do not have sufficient saving in my hand. Tell me the reason and how I can save money?

Questions & Answers - January 02, 2013

Harshad: Pranam Guruji: My question is on donation of organs of our body. As per the natural law of creation of life, our body gets its form from 5 eternal fundamental elements (Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Land). Thus, the dead body should get into these five elements when it dies. Que-1 :So, do we, human being, have any right to donate any of our organs as per the law of the nature and creation. Que-2:If I donated my eyes in the current incarnation, how would it affect to my second incarnation? Will I get eyes with full sight in my second incarnation?

Questions & Answers - January 01, 2013

Annony: Pranam.. and thank you for the last answer to come out from bad habits. Here, I want to say that if I come to your ashram, you will recognise me and send me out, and I can't face you. I want to be a perfect man but all bad evils come and again, and I indulge in them. I want to come out forever.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you, you are welcome please.

Questions & Answers - December 31, 2012

K S: Respected Sir. Your books have helped me a lot. And Your blessings have made me a changed person. The illusions have now gone up to a great extent. The habit of begging from God has gone. I came to know that its only self efforts and hard-work that helps. Performing vedic activities for sake of benefits is useless. They should be performed with zero self interest. Did some sinful acts but they turned into my own good unknowingly. As one of the acts helped me to recognize my own potential to do things by my own and show zero dependency on God.

Questions & Answers - December 30, 2012

Jay: I have another question is niyogi accepted or not?
Swami Ramswarup: It is my personal view that in the prevalent times, niyog is not acceptable.

P: Respected Guruji, If a person confess his mistake/sin to almighty and acharya but it may ruin the life of the person if he confesses in worldly life. Due to that, if he tells lie then is that a sin again? What should be done in that case if not lying?

Questions & Answers - December 29, 2012

S S: Swamiji Pranam! Since I belong to the lowest category I am very much confused because there are various books showing different treatment to lower categories, that is Shudra. I admit they do such work that they have to go through the dirt and dirty environment. But is it fair if they are at higher post just because their efficiency, to treat them as Shudra and restrict them. Because Satyarth Prakash is one of the book I have been reading from many days and I am getting this question many time.


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