Questions & Answers - February 27, 2013

Kashyap: Thanks to give me answer, priya sawami ji, aap logo ki sanka samadhan door karte ho ye bhi bahut badi baat hain god bless you.
Swami Ramswarup: You are welcome, please. My heartiest blessings to you.

Manmohan: Resp. Swami ji, It is generally believed that BEST time for morning walk is 4.00 am however, in the early hours due to absence of sunlight the trees/ plants would still be releasing co2 then how it is justified as benificial to us. kindly advise to understand the facts regards.

Questions & Answers - February 26, 2013

Ramakanth: Arya, can paramatma(om) stop astroids not to dash earth by his/her sankalpasekthi?
Swami Ramswarup: No, please. God’s laws made in Vedas are unchangeable, unchallengeable vide Rigveda mantra 3/56/1. Therefore, if the asteroids move or destroy anything as per vaidic rule, that event will be unchangeable. However, destruction of universe will take at least after one Arab years according to Vedas.

K R: Swamiji meri sadi ko 2 1/2year ho chuka he ab tk koi santan nhi..pls help kijiye..

Questions & Answers - February 25, 2013

Anchit: Pranaam Swaamiji, Aaj vishwa mein jo ho rahaa hai woh bahut hi daraavanaa hai. Mujhe toh lagataa hai ki Gitaa mein bhi jhooth hi kahaa hai.
4:7 -
yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanirbhavati bhaarata
abhyutthanamadharmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham
4:8 -
paritraanaaya saadhunaam vinaashaaya cha dushkritaam
dharmasansthaapanaathaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge

Questions & Answers - February 24, 2013

Preetha: Swamiji, In my Dream; I saw a White Krishna Statue broken and it lies in a corner of a room. In my dream I was very upset to see that Statue broken. Please tell me what does that mean? I am a Krishna devote and at this moment I am going through a very tough life.. I saw this dream early in the morning. between 3am and 4am.
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas tell that all the dreams are false. In this connection, I paste my article below:-


Questions & Answers - February 23, 2013

Ripunjay: Jai Shri Ram! I visited Chennai Book Fair on 14th Jan 2013 and happened to see the book stall established representing Ved mandir. I gazed through few books by Pujyapaad Guru ji. In that I saw he stated that Ram and Krishna were in followers of vedas. I also see that Pujyapaad Guru ji, find that sagun bhakti/pooja is not a right way of devotion - and that since God is formless, we should not worship idols. However, by ancient history we come to know that Lord Raam and Lord Krishna have done Pratishtha and Pooja of Lord Shiva in Rameshwaram and Nageshwar.

Questions & Answers - February 22, 2013

Aarya: Swamiji namaste, kripya is article ko refute kijiye, nahe toh logho ka vedas par se vishwas uth jaayega.
Swami Ramswarup: Vedas emanates from eternal and everlasting God. So faith on Vedas can never be destroyed. However, I shall try to reply you soon.

Chm: Respected Guruji, If someone is not able to forget bad karmas done by him and the same is making the person difficult to live, what needs to be done. Repeatedly, the event of bad karma comes into mind and feeling of strong self hatred and fear of from people too comes. Please help.

Questions & Answers - February 21, 2013

Sagar: Swamiji pranam!! thank you very much for your reply for advising on relocation to India to himachal or dehradoon .I am relieved of the stress of the worry of location. Swamiji in the first creation on the first morning when gods power acts and the creation starts you have mentioned that there are different bodies of humans, animals, plants, etc etc and then they all move and creation starts. Question here is in this first creation the souls of animals on what basis did the get the body of animals why not humans? Is it not unfair to the souls of the animal body.

Questions & Answers - February 20, 2013

V: Respected Sir, apko Pranam ,sir meri age 19 hai aur mujhe bahut hi problem face karna pad raha hai apni study ko lekar, mai pehle study mein bahut achha tha main ye yakin ke sath kehta hoon. Par ab mujhe kya ho gaya hai ki jab bhi main study ke liye baithta hoon thodi der bad main bahut pareshan ho jata hoon. Sir main bahut pareshan hoon please meri help kare warna main fail bhi ho sakta hoon.

Questions & Answers - February 19, 2013

विश्वप्रिय:पूज्य स्वामी जी – सादर नमस्ते !!

Questions & Answers - February 18, 2013

Manish: Swami ji apko mera sat sat parnaam.

Questions & Answers - February 17, 2013

Mohammad Tausif: Swamiji can you tell me what is the truth of Muhammad being mentioned in the vedas,how far is it correct,& if it is, then is it not obligatory on us (Hindus) to follow him (Muhammad) may peace be upon him. Please throw light on it, your excellency.
Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas no proper name has been used please. So name of Mohammad sahib also does not exist. Vedas contain only one proper noun i.e., name of Almighty, Formless, Omnipresent God, Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. I also paste my article below:-


Questions & Answers - February 16, 2013

Mgch: Respected Guruji, I am reading some of your books and those are full of knowledge. Which are the books that says about the bad and good deeds in day today life so as to stop committing sins by observing it in daily life? Say a person has passed half of his age and also committed some sins, can he get salvation in same life? Can it be done by following worship according to Vedas? Is it not good to go against husband/wife and follow Vedas for worshiping? Thanks for your time.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessing to you. Thanking you, please.

Questions & Answers - February 15, 2013

Venkat: Namaskar Swamiji, 1)Why did Souls (atma) have taken material Bodies?
2)Why Souls cannot be in pure soul state in this material world? (why do souls mix with material qualities and material things)?
3)Why do souls forget truth in the material universe?
4)What was the Reason for the existence of Souls in this Material Universe?
5)What was the Reason for creation or existence of this material universe?
Pranam Swamiji, Thank you
Swami Ramswarup: Namaskarji.
(i) Soul takes living body based on his good and bad deeds.

Questions & Answers - February 14, 2013

Nimmy: Ques 1 - please explain meaning of the (sixth) 6th question of prashna upanishad.and please tell me, on which mantra of vedas ,is the 6th question of prashna upanishad based?
ques 2 - shri sukta is in which chapter,of which veda?
Swami Ramswarup: (1) in the 6th question of Prashnopnishad, Sukesha Rishi asked Piplad that where is the purush having sixteen kalas(16 qualities). The said question is based on Yajurveda mantra 8/36.

(2) shri means-
(i) The power of God which gives shelter to all.
(ii) Second meaning of shri is wealth.

Questions & Answers - February 13, 2013

Sagar: Swamiji pranaam, I used to listen various sukta while working, driving & while sleeping also. In the routine of daily work I used to have very short time, which I like to spend with family, colleagues, friends etc. But my question is, am I making mistake or showing disrespect to God? But I try to not to forget God in happiness, sorrow, before eating also, and at everytime possible. Please. Guide me. Pranaam.
Swami Ramswarup: My blessings to you.


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